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  1. Currently obsessed with Treasure Planet again :3 It's always been one of my favorite movies

    1. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      It's severely underrated 

    2. Benji Joel Correa

      Benji Joel Correa

      It really is!!


    3. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      Maybe they'll remake it someday, or sequel it

  2. It's been wayyy to long since I've been on here :O

  3. Wooooooow Finally back on here o.o

  4. The amount of times that I've forgotten about this site is literally too many to count :O

  5. I'm beyond happy that I finally have the time to work on some personal projects I've been putting off for awhile

  6. Because its been awhile since I've posted a picture here This is me you guyssss
  7. Wow... Sooooo... I haven't been on here in a while xD

  8. hey! how are you doing! havent talked to you in ages Benji x

    1. Akila Akila_55641

      Akila Akila_55641

      Talk wait and see will meet up as well

    2. Benji Joel Correa

      Benji Joel Correa

      Hey! How are you?!

    3. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      I'm good Benji hows things going for you x

  9. I'm considering the Army or Marines

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    2. Javelin434


      Best of luck! I intend to go into the Air Force if I can finish college...

    3. Benji Joel Correa

      Benji Joel Correa

      I think I might go with Marines... Im gonna talk with a recruiter just to ask questions and get more info.Then I guess I'll make my decision from there

    4. Benji Joel Correa
  10. Err well... I sing, sometimes I'll play piano (if I have time) , work out, draw, and write..not much else really.. I play basketball too sometimes..
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