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  1. It's been wayyy to long since I've been on here :O

  2. Wooooooow Finally back on here o.o

  3. The amount of times that I've forgotten about this site is literally too many to count :O

  4. I'm beyond happy that I finally have the time to work on some personal projects I've been putting off for awhile

  5. Because its been awhile since I've posted a picture here This is me you guyssss
  6. Wow... Sooooo... I haven't been on here in a while xD

  7. hey! how are you doing! havent talked to you in ages Benji x

    1. Akila Akila_55641

      Akila Akila_55641

      Talk wait and see will meet up as well

    2. Benji Joel Correa

      Benji Joel Correa

      Hey! How are you?!

    3. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      I'm good Benji hows things going for you x

  8. I'm considering the Army or Marines

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    2. Javelin434


      Best of luck! I intend to go into the Air Force if I can finish college...

    3. Benji Joel Correa

      Benji Joel Correa

      I think I might go with Marines... Im gonna talk with a recruiter just to ask questions and get more info.Then I guess I'll make my decision from there

    4. Benji Joel Correa
  9. Err well... I sing, sometimes I'll play piano (if I have time) , work out, draw, and write..not much else really.. I play basketball too sometimes..
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