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  1. Hey there, thanks for adding me :D and welcome to KH13!

  2. Nomura stated that the Kingdom Hearts Series will continue after Kingdom Hearts III and that Sora will keep on being the protagonist, how's that gonna work if the whole current Saga were a dream? I'm positive that's not gonna happen.
  3. That's what you get for not healing me, you son of a Dolan pls.
  4. I saw it listed on wikiquote but I don't really remember him saying that, the only quote from him about "heart being a prison" that came to my mind is the one I posted above.
  5. Not Kingdom Hearts, but Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. He says "He can't let his heart be a prison", talking about Quasimodo.Here, at 15:54https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shjHPaSS-qo&list=PLhcSrKyqhfh5Z5ZwoEtUY1mKlZheoirn9&index=8
  6. Easiest and fastest way to get it done: use the Final Form. Attack the Mushroom and interrupt the combo after a few hits, easy-peasy. When you reach certain numbers in the score, it'll fly farther: just press "X" and Sora will easily reach the Mushroom. Then, repeat the attack/interrupt scheme until easily reaching score 99 in less than 30 seconds.
  7. If I had to pick one, I'd choose RecusantSoul My personal suggestion: TheGoldenCrownedBearer
  8. ...LOLIt almost looks like you signed here, now and with that name, only to crack that joke
  9. ...Seems like someone has gotten the wrong idea. Massive Epically Dumb Idiots Army
  10. In the tweets he talked about the game releasing in 2015, plus he said "We are done recording on KH3.....at least as far as I know". If it was a trailer he was talking about, he wouldn't have said such a thing. I don't think he mistaken recording a trailer for recording the actual game, as a full game has hours of dialogues and a trailer just a few sentences. Rather, he confused the games' titles.
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