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  1. Does someone know when this quote was said/ on which day and to who? quote: "please remember who i used to be"
  2. Thank all of you. If you find the trailer pls send the link (^_^)
  3. I saw it first in this video: Still I want to know where it appeared first
  4. Hi guys (^_^) i watched a video to Dearly beloved and I read this quote: Distant hearts, when rejoined as one... may find the light within. I can't find from where this quote comes, so does somebody know it or maybe even have a link to it? I really like this quote but I don't remember seeing it in the game Thanks:)

    1. Sendou Aichi

      Sendou Aichi

      I am disappointed Yuya

      RaidRaptors are better.


  6. I found a cool quote: It doesn't matter how much we see each other, but how much we think of each other. -sora Can someone tell me(or send me a link with this quote) with the information where and when sora said that.
  7. Yes i thought that to. I read it on facebook, but i didn't remembered it. So i looked it up and it is listed under Kh1 quotes:http://en.m.wikiquote.org/wiki/Kingdom_HeartsIt's the last quote
  8. Hey guys I read on 2 diffrent sites that Sora said in Kh1: Don't let your heart be a prison. Can someone say to me when he said that or send me a link with a "let's play" with that part and the time? Thanks for your help
  9. Can someone say for sure? (It is really important for me) Tanks tomoni 22 and skhyatze
  10. Hello guys I watched a video an found something new: At 32:20 kairi says something in japanese. Can someone tell me what she says? I don't remember this scene and i couldn't find a translation Thank you
  11. So do I have to to also the cups in the underworld?
  12. Complete all worlds on proud: Does that mean also atlantica and winnie pooh worlds?
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