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  1. I drew my Kingdom Hearts Union X Character!!!~
  2. VenxFox34

    Original Sora Design!!~

    I've always been interested in Sora's original concept design, so i wanted to draw it out!~ ^^ If you like my art, please check out my: Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/venxfox34?asc=u Tumblr: http://artisticfox-ven.tumblr.com/
  3. Hello!~ I just wanted to share some of my Redbubble designs with you guys to see if you like them!~ ^^ For those of you who may not know, Redbubble is a website where artists can sell their designs as Shirts, Journals, Tote Bags, Mugs, etc. I also have other things on my store too, and there will be more to come in the future!~ Here is the link to my Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/venxfox34?ref=account-nav-dropdown&asc=u Also here are some of the designs I've made and examples of what you can buy them as!~ ^^
  4. Yeah I hope all that would be in the next trailer but knowing Nomura he might show a trailer with some of those things but there may be Easter eggs inside the trailers that may show hints to things being added or whatever. Also when it comes to Pride Lands I'll love playing as Lion Sora again because he's so small and cute! ^w^ Also I would agree that the release date may be winter 2016 too
  5. It's fine I'm also really hyped for Kingdom Hearts 3 and I hope that the new trailer and announcements include more gameplay and worlds being announced, personally I would die if I see Pride Lands returning because I'd love that world to return. I just can't wait until I can play quite a bit of Unchained when it is realeased
  6. That sound like a really good idea actually it would definitely be a lot more different than anything Kingdom Hearts has done before I also hope they add areas in the game where you could maybe play as Aqua or other characters again, or if they do add an online feature they should allow you to customise your own character or pick a normal kh character to play as, it would be kind of like the Mission Mode in 358/2 Days where you could play as Organization XIII including others like Donald and Goofy
  7. I would suppose it would be similar to KH 2 FM but hopefully with critical level 1 the take into consideration that bosses can be a little bit too over powered when you're quite a low level, maybe they can add extra things to help out with level 1 difficulty. Personally I'll defintely start with Standard Mode for KH3 as I'd like to complete it on a simple and fun difficulty on my first time and then I'll try out critical mode so pretty much what I did with KH2 FM
  8. Wow O_O that's awesome! For me when it came to the original kh games or any other kh game I like to play in standard for the first time on most of them but for KH2 FM O started on Standard and then went straight to Critical which I actually found I hadn't had much of a problem with. Then I got to to Crotical level 1 and I felt stuck through most of it due to stats being incredibly low and enemies being able to kill you in almost one hit. Land of the Dragons was bad for me at first
  9. Thanks at the moment I'm gonna be working on completing KH1 FM on Final Mix mode because I lost my previous data for it and I wanna play it on an easier difficulty again so I can get used to it more and I agree KH2 FM on critical level 1 was quite fun but the over powered bosses make me lose my temper at times but in the end you feel thrilled that you actually beaten them. I still remember how I felt when I defeated Marluxia a few days ago
  10. I've not really thought about completing the other games on Critical level 1 yet but I may have a go with BBS at some point and thanks ^w^ Oh my god
  11. Update: I also just defeated all the Absent Silhouettes! Marluxia was the worst one out of them all as you have to do it without taking damage T^T I'm glad I beat him though and all the others. I'm too scared to continue the Cavern of Remembrance ;-; the nobodies there are terrifying and the part just before the door to the Garden of Assemblage is really hard >_<
  12. To be fair after playing Level 1 I know how those two feel about dying in almost three hits Terra isn't gonna be easy Thanks!! >w< hopefully I can do it, I'm quite scared of the data battles on level 1 considering that most of those bosses were hard enough normally x3 I know Demyx will definitely be a pain
  13. Last night I had finally completed my Critical Mode level 1 playthrough for KH2FM in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX!!I was so happy when I defeated Final Xemnas in the end! It's quite a lot of difficulty playing on Critical Mode and not leveling up at all but I managed in the end after a lot of raging and stuff It makes me kind of want to do the same for other KH games but part of me is too scared because I'm so attached to Kingdom Hearts II and it's like my no.1 favorite since I had it on PS2 a long time ago :3There's still more for me to do in my Critical LVL 1 playthrough like completing the Cavern of Remembrance and defeating Terra and many other things
  14. I'm talking about the paintings in the Foyer of the Mansion sorry I forgot to mention that. It's just that to me all the other paintings look unrecognizable and this is the only painting that I could find that actually looks like something I already know that Namine's drawn a lot about what has happened with Roxas and Sora though in her room.
  15. So recently while playing my Critical Level 1 game mode which I had completed last night ^w^ I used the Twilight Town Mansion to level Sora's Final Form up a little and for some reason I felt like the mansion was worth taking a look at in a little bit of detail. One of the first things I had checked were the painting which I found many of them were hard to make out, except for one that looked very very much like the Tea Party Garden from Kingdom Hearts 1 in Wonderland. It's made me wonder if the other painting may be other places from different worlds and if whoever owned the mansion before had traveled to these worlds themselves. Also, sorry about the image of the painting for some reason it's been flipped around ;;
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