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  1. I know a lot of us were curious what world this large body variant came from, has there been any footage of it yet?
  2. Maybe it's me trying to be a bit optimistic but if there is only one Disney world left, maybe it's possible it'll be a less popular and unexpected one. I would think they wouldn't wait at the last minute to announce some big/popular Disney ip especially after that trailer. But who knows really.
  3. Personally, I just can't get myself interested in the thought of this world returning. Khux not only burnt me out but took the luster of meeting the sultan and visiting the palace for the first time. Oddly enough, they thought it was a good idea to introduce these two aspects in a mobile game..:/ So at this point there's really nothing to they could that make it feel really fresh like with with Olympus and Port Royal.
  4. You make good points. Though i would think if they were taking advantage of underwater combat for other worlds, we would've seen some more footage of that. Like with all the footage we've seen of Corona, don't think we've seen anything on that aspect. I can see BH6 not bothering with it since the only body of water is near the bridge area and i can see it being unreachable because of the loading/zones. With KH1, I would think it wouldn't be nearly as expensive and time consuming to do then compared to now. Though the only reason i even brought this up was the off chance that with the implementation of underwater combat that it could raise the chances of
  5. That will have underwater aspects as well? I was thinking about this, swimming by itself is nothing to write home about but things are a bit different when not only can you dive underwater but there's actual underwater combat as well. It looks like you won't even be limited when it comes to using magic underwater either. Now to me, it seems like if they put this much time and effort into something like this, they plan on using it for a more than one world.
  6. One thing i would like to add for Kida is she's the only princess that fuses with a heart of a world. That alone should put her in the top of potential princess imo. Like you get a new light and a heart of a world all with one char and she's easily taken when in that state too? Why wouldn't the organization direct their attention to something like this. It'll be a big shame if she isn't one, can't think of any more ideal, especially in that sense in being a 2 for one sale.
  7. I don't see how Pirates can even be counted as a water world just because you can swim in it. Atlantis looks so visually different that it shouldn't even be a problem. We already have plenty of similar looking environments with multiple modern-esque locations to multiple jungle like sections and now because Pirates has a lot of water it means no Atlantis? I just don't get it..some of you guys give up too easily...now Treasure planet on the other hand...
  8. They'll try but there's no way KH3 is gonna run a stable 60 fps on the pro. I rather they give a locked 30 fps option because playing KH3 in an uncapped 60fps doesn't sound appealing. I want a consistent framerate for my first playthrough
  9. Mind you he said a little less than KH2. 7-8 worlds is far more than a little less it's lower than KH1, which would also mean we know all the Disney worlds already...which is just disappointing. As for Treasure planet, with lesser worlds can't say i would particular want it now. Ralph and Atlantis are my personal hopes for the last few worlds. I look at Treasure plant and i can't say i would particular find the world enjoyable to explore. The shading and aesthetic of the movie is pretty unique but at the same time the areas themselves doesn't really look fun to roam around in.
  10. I really hope situation commands aren't used for summons too. I can deal with Drives..but summons as well is to much.
  11. So is regular flowmotion still in?It's just that athletic flow is just a separate mechanic from flowmotion that just makes it easier? I still want to be able to manually scale things..athletic flow just looks too automatic. Unless it's mainly used for places that would make using flowmotion to difficult to manually reach like the floating rubble in Olympus.
  12. Inside out is the only of those films that actually have interesting environments, vast majority of the others like Brave have incredibly dull scenery. Nothing i ever want to explore in KH.
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