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  1. Does anyone know when exactly CBT will start?
  2. Drive forms or Formchanges? It's hard to choose between this two. I think I go with Formchanges, because they beat Drive forms by numbers and can be switched during battle
  3. I'm surprised that there is no option for Baldr. Am I only one who didn't expect him to be a villain? Apart from that most unexpected revelation was that we are not Xehanort. But, to be honest, I think that in DR was nothing "shocking". It was more like "oh, that how it is. Alright."
  4. Please no. Third delay is too much. I hope they release it this month
  5. Sora Roxas Aqua It's hard to pick someone from the last one, but I probably go with Donald
  6. I don't think that it would affect anything. I love Kingdom Hearts for its own story, not for Disney worlds in it. There already been films that I don't like, but it didn't bother me.
  7. Uh, yeah... That day, how could I forget about it. Anyway, good joke 👍
  8. Sorry, I can't remember the specific moments now. I was just scrolling pages and was feeling that some lines are a little out of place. I looked through first pages again and dialogue between Kairi and Lea catch my attention. I'm sure that Kairi should already know that Roxas and Axel were friends. And another thing. Let's look on what characters say: "Why you kidnapped me?" "Because of Roxas." "What does he have to do with anything?" "We were friends, but then I lost him." "You let him go?" - ??? Kairi, you know what happened to Roxas, right? Kinda silly question. And then Lea telling about Roxas. Again, Kairi already know this information. This scene could be twice as short if the characters were not broadcast what they and players (readers) already know. I don't know english wery well, but I hope what I wrote more or less clear.
  9. Always wanted to ask, why KHIII exactly? Why not DDD, for example?
  10. Generally, I didn't like it. And I try to explain why. First, dialogues. They don't quite fit with characters. Second, format. Font size, that different on each next page, hurt my eyes. Also, text is not divided into paragraphs, turning some pages into a literal jumble. I didn't last long, read few pages and just flipped through the rest. Third, well, like you said, it's not an all out fanfiction. This could be more interesting if it were.
  11. Strange. I still have this issue when I try to open main page...
  12. For Oathkeeper - find all lucky emblems. For Oblivion - clear game on critical. Guide for Ultima - https://www.ign.com/wikis/kingdom-hearts-3/Ultima_Weapon_Guide_-_Orichalcum_Plus_Locations,_Synthesis_Recipe#Synthesis_Materials_Recipe_for_the_Ultima_Weapon_in_KH3
  13. Maybe the idea itself is not bad, but how it is written is definitely bad
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