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  1. Everything I've seen and read so far is making me want this DLC more and more. I wonder if KHUx 's updates are gonna start rolling out faster to coincide with the DLC's release? To be completely honest, the Bosses and the new scenarios and cutscenes are already enough for me, I mean who knows what kind of cliff-hanger we're in for... Mirage Arena-ish world would be cool, but i'm kinda hoping they incorporate a new area for the new stuff like Cavern of Remembrance, with high level baddies and tricky platforming.
  2. Thanks Hawk222, I think my biggest problem was that I wasn't using buffing and debuffing medals, that and I was wasting my time trying to get skills like Max Gauge+2, and and STR & DEF stat boosts, when I should've been retrying for Def-% skills. I really appreciate the help, looks like a have some work ahead of me
  3. I started back in December of 2018, and so far I'm really enjoying this game. Now most of my medals are 7 star, with the rest being 6 star medals, I've supernova-ed and supernova plus-ed a few medals too at level 303. And I still can't seem to stand a chance in the "Expert" Event quests and stuff, once the enemy level hits 1500, it's like nothing matters. Anybody have any tips on getting stronger, or ideal builds they could share? I'm a casual-hardcore player, but I never did and probably never will buy a VIP pass. Any pointers you guys can give would be really appreciated Thanks in advance
  4. In the secret reports Luxu mentions that the keyblade war happened just as written on the Lost Page. Wasn't Luxu the only one that didn't get a copy of the book of prophecies, and by extension the Lost Page? You guys think the world shattering was a result of Luxu acquiring the Book, causing a paradox like the Master of Masters said it would? Kind of a stretch I guess, but Luxu isn't supposed to know how the keyblade war was supposed to unfold, he was supposed to be an observer.
  5. I'm kinda hoping it focuses on Marluxia,Demyx,Larxene, and Luxord and how they're connected to Union X, as Marluxia goes down, he says that he's on the cusp of regaining his identity. An episode on Xion would be awesome too, focusing on the behind the scenes plots fabricated by Saix and Vexen to help Ansem the Wise escape and providing Ienzo with a replica. But above all else, I hope the secret episodes hints as to who Lea and Isa saw in Radiant Garden's dungeons, Ava? Skuld? Strelitizia? or somebody we don't even know about yet. For a game that was supposed to bring about a conclusion, it's mind blowing just how much could still be explained.
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