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  1. Definitely. Versus is really interesting because we know enough to determine that it was different from what FFXV ended up being but we still don't really know what it exactly was. Apparently only Nomura knows the full original story, although Nojima seems to have/had at least a significant portion of influence as well. It's a major topic of discussion that I plan to dive into with part 2. See above. While the story saw significant revisions over the course of its production, Tabata considers FFXV to follow the 'core' of Versus' story, yet be treated as a different product. Meanwhile, apparently Nomura thought there were enough concepts left over to create something that also is apparently different from Versus, in Verum Rex. Of all this to say, the exact degree of completion for the story is unknown, but there was definitely more than a simple outline.
  2. Hey. It's been a little while since I've posted, so I decided to make a document of my attempt to comprehensively break down the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I was inspired by what we've learned about Verum Rex recently, particularly from Re Mind. I redirect my sources to a Reddit page that has all of the links compiled together. I did not make this page, but here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFXV/comments/aoohys/spoilers_citations_thoughts_regarding_versus_xiii/ I know this isn't exactly Kingdom Hearts, but in light of how it is becoming a relevant topic, I wanted to clear up any confusion based on what was revealed about the game over the years. I plan to make a second document continuing this one soon. Please enjoy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O4gnJfmLSbFTWlixj_IYeYxTxSVQeMioBPHq9uL8LNA/edit?usp=sharing
  3. hey do you role play by any change? looking for someone to do a roxas x oc role play if you want 

    1. TheKingdomGamer


      No, unfortunately I do not.

  4. Wow, it has been quite a while since I was on here last. I really used this account as an outlet for my KHX theories, but if I'm being honest, it hasn't been as fun to theorize on Union X. I feel like anything I can think of is just grasping at straws because there are no real hints or mysterious subtext I can try to base ideas off of. Maybe that's a good thing, 'cause half of my theories are looking to be incorrect...heh, oh well.

    But who knows, maybe I'll find something else for this account. I'll see.

  5. That's a good idea, but I think March and April is a little too early considering what we just got, and that we seem to already be looking forward to E3. I think Square will more likely release the game in the holiday season of this year for a number of reasons: 1. They can show the game at major events like Gamescom, TGS, and maybe Paris Games Week and PSX. 2. The game in total appears to be about only 60 or 70 percent done right now, based on what Nomura said and that we didn't get a seasonal or month release in the recent trailer. 3. The holiday season is the best time to sell games, and is ideal for a triple A title like Kingdom Hearts III. But yeah, I can totally see one or two worlds being announced for KH3 in every trailer here on out.
  6. Aqua on Destiny Islands, what? How? Did she make out of the Realm of Darkness? Nope. Many people believe that Aqua somehow made out of the Realm of Darkness because the new 2.8 trailer showed Mickey and her on Destiny Islands, which is in the Realm of Light. But what if I told you that's all not true? Remember in the original Kingdom Hearts when Destiny Islands was swallowed by the darkness? Of course. This is the time Destiny Islands was brought to the Realm of Darkness. What if in this present state Aqua finds the islands? Think about it. The sky in the world looks unusually red and the islands themselves look like when you fought Ansem on them. So how about it?
  7. Over time, I had thought of a way that Oswald could effectively be incorporated into Kingdom Hearts III. So, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was originally going to be Disney's mascot instead of Mickey Mouse. Universal and Disney struck a contract and they both owned the rights to this new popular rabbit. Long story short, Universal turned against Disney and many of Disney's animators left the studio to join Universal with Oswald's success. Walt Disney gave up on Oswald and tried to create a character that could beat Universal's lucky rabbit with his now small team. The odds were slim, but then Mickey Mouse was born, and we all know the story from there. Interestingly enough, Disney eventually managed to get the rights back to Oswald from Universal through an extensive trade in 2006. My, how the tables have turned. Oswald is commonly known for his appearances in the Epic Mickey franchise as a antagonist turned to a ally, representing his abnormal history. Now how can Oswald be put into KH3? Disney technically do have the rights to Oswald, so he does have a chance of appearing in Kingdom Hearts III. We can give him a background as brother to Mickey in the game. He is a keyblade wielder like Mickey and was meant to be crowned King of Disney Castle. He was given all of the secrets and important information and history surronding the castle. He was to be king, that is, until Oswald was consumed by the heartless and banished to another world, perhaps Wasteland, the central setting for Epic Mickey. After some time, Maleficent finds Oswald like she did with Pete and sensed his darkness. She thought that having a keyblade bearer with the power of darkness and knowledge upon Disney Castle would be quite useful. Oswald joins Maleficent's side when hearing that he could have a chance of being king again. Time for the brilliance. Perhaps Maleficent had aquired Oswald sometime between KH2 and 3D. We found that in the new Re:coded scene introduced in 2.5 that Maleficent knows about the Book of Prophecies and how it can help her. So in 3D she tries to take the world's data. Maleficent could just ask Oswald to help her find it, but Maleficent worries that if Oswald comes along, then he might be powerful enough to overthrow her. Instead, she tries a forceful approach like in 3D, but fails. Now she sees the only way to get access to the world's data is through Oswald's information in KHIII. Funny thing is, they are successful. In the secret Unchained Zero scene in χ[chi], we see Maleficent in Enchanted Dominion. This normally would be no big deal but she speaks of Sora, and that time period no one should know him. It is suggested and hinted that the entire universe of χ[chi] is being told through the Book of Prophecies. So Maleficent was successful? Also note that in her dialogue she says, "It seems it went well," possibly meaning that Oswald'a lead was right. She also says, "Where in the world did he go to again?" "He" could mean Oswald, and he does have a record of being quick to act, and in another translation Maleficent said "he" was a fool, that could also fall under Oswald. He could continue to have a fierce rivalry with Mickey through the game but learn to fall as allies like in Epic Mickey. So what do you guys think about this? Remember, this is just speculation, but this lucky rabbit's appearance is not entirely impossible.
  8. That's kinda what I'm getting across. In the Re:Coded secret ending in 2.5, Young Xehanort explains that Master Xehanort's keyblade was the most ancient. That, combined with its appearance at the E3 2015 Kingdom Hearts III trailer, leads me to believe that Xehanort's keyblade is passed down. Especially considering Xehanort used his keyblade to take over Terra's body and can make others "Xehanort" as well. Thanks for the reply!
  9. I think I might have finally cracked this Da Vinci Code. So many were wondering where the χ-blade was at the end of Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], in the χ-blade War. I had previously posted a theory that The Master of Masters was trying to summon the χ-blade, which you can find here: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/100381-the-master-is-trying-to-create-the-χ-blade/#entry1870890 So if this proves to be true, then I followed up to that theory. We as the player almost died in the war, until we were transported to the Unchained X Realm by Chirithy to save our lives. So, we didn't really see the end of the war. What if there was something more to it than we thought? We could assume that the Dandelions just saved the world, but what about Luxu? I don't think Nomura would create a character to do basically nothing but die at the end, even if his keyblade is passed on. I was wondering about how Xehanort learned and became obsessed with forging the χ-blade began. So, we know The Master gave Luxu a mission to watch until the χ-blade War. But, what then? I think the Master wants Luxu to get the χ-blade itself. How? Wait out the war, with Guilt (darkness) and Lux (light) battling each other to create the χ-blade. Of course, we don't see it because we came to the Unchained X Realm, but who said Luxu didn't find it? Now, to clear up a question for a second, why did The Master choose Luxu out of all his pupils, and why didn't The Master do it himself? First, for some reason, Luxu was The Master's favorite student, so he chose him to wait until the war and get the χ-blade. He gave a Book of Prophecies to all of his other pupils so that he can effectively trigger a war between them. See, The Master would get them to collect Lux with the power of the future the book gives, which can be Guilted to produce darkness. The Master can create the χ-blade without doing any work. Then, why is Luxu doing this when The Master can? Actually, I don't know. He disappeared, maybe because he wanted the Foretellers to go separate ways without his guidance, and eventually start the war. Anyway, I think that may be why Xehanort today is trying to forge the χ-blade, to fulfill Luxu's originally purpose. In fact, I wouldn't be suprised if Luxu himself wanted the weapon, after he got it, and double cross his master. I'm not sure what stopped Luxu and where The Master is now, but we do have Xehanort's Keyblade which connects the present to χ's events.
  10. Okay, here we go again. Don't I just love this free-to-play collection of shapes? I'm claiming Luxu's keyblade isn't his, and instead his master, the Master of Masters. Crazy theory may not be so crazy. In the recent TGS 2016 trailer for 2.8 we got, the last X Back Cover scene we got was The Master talking to Luxu about his mission. For some reason, Luxu has his keyblade out. Why? I might of found the answer. In every other scene we see Luxu in, he doesn't have his keyblade out. The only exception is in X[chi] when we first see Luxu. This is long after The Master had disappeared, so they state. Every scene prior, Luxu doesn't have his keyblade out. It might be he didn't need it, or maybe...he didn't have one yet. Perhaps this keyblade is given to Luxu by his master to complete his mission. Ones who have this keyblade has the power to give it to a worthy canidate, willingly or not, like what was shown with Xehanort overtaking Terra and almost Sora. In the added re:coded scene in 2.5, Young Xehanort said his keyblade was the most ancient. What makes it more ancient than the Foretellers'? Perhaps theirs were broken in the war or in the Keyblade Graveyard, or maybe Xehanort's Keyblade was forged long ago in the hands of the Master of Masters with an unwavering will to complete its purpose that lived through generations. Am I going a little crazy here? Think I might be on to something? Please leave your feedback below!
  11. Yeah, I think the χ-blade would be summoned now instead of created. Good point.About the χ-blade War, I think I get it now. So the χ[chi] is the player going through all of his/her real storyline up until the very end of χ[chi]. That was the real χ-blade War, and everything behind it was also real. But there must be some deeper meaning behind the war that we have not yet discovered that may be revealed in χ Back Cover. So you're right on that.
  12. Stick with me here: So it was revealed that players guilting in X[chi] was actually a form of using the darkness. You use this power while collecting lux. So if guilt=darkness and lux= light, if both of these forces were strong enough to equal themselves... Perhaps you may get the χ Blade. Then how come it wasn't present in the χ Blade War in the ending of χ[chi]? In the special "Unchained Zero" ending, Chirithy explained every event from Ava requesting you to join the Dandelions, were just dreams. That means the χ Blade War the player experienced wasn't the actual war. Perhaps this war will have more to do with the χ Blade like legend states it. ​Then where does the Master come in? Dark Chirithy said to the player's Chirithy that guilting (again, the power of darkness) was "...also apart of our Master's Will, But you knew that, right?" Translations by Everglow. If it was the Master's Will to gather sins in the world to change them into darkness, and assuming it was also the Master's Will to collect lux, because he is in charge, I think this could mean the Master is trying to create the χ Blade. Let me know what you guys think about this!
  13. Last night I reviewed the Kingdom Hearts III E3 2015 trailer (because I was bored) and found something very interesting about the chess pieces. You know how Eraqus' pieces represent the Guardians of Light and Xehanort's pieces represent the Seekers of Darkness? Yeah, and each piece represents a character in the series. So I studied these two: (Credit to Soraalam1) So obviously because of the goat shape one of the pieces is Xehanort. But the other one... is Luxu. Think about it. Luxu was the original owner of Xehanort's keyblade. It would only make sense. Let me know what you guys think about this in the chat! I'd love to hear opinions on this, if it hasn't been covered yet
  14. These are...indescribable...but I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless, the editing was pretty good in itself, you should keep it up Tucan!
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