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  1. theheartofallworlds

    Halloween 2016

    Happy late Halloween everyone!
  2. Unchained X. Something about just hanging out with your Union friends and collecting Lux seems fun to me.
  3. Currently scrambling to figure out Chi and Unchained before 2.8 comes out.

  4. What is your game ID Number/Nickname? - 2088189/Dormouse. Or Aeoiu. I may change it sometime in the future. What level are you? - Lvl. 67. Why did you join the Unicornis union? - Master Ira fascinated me the most out of the five. Are you a member of a party? - Yup yup. c: If not, would you like to join one? - I'd always be open to join one if something happens, though! What is your favorite medal? - So far out of the ones I have, the plain 'ol Axel medal. Gotta love those HP exchange big hit medals. c,x I've played this game before and was in the Leopardos Union, but had to uninstall it. ;; Fortunately, I know what I'm doing this time!
  5. A tie between the Bahamut summon and the Xemnas forms for me, they're both the coolest things ever ;U;
  6. KH3 will fuel my 5 year obsession

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