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  1. It hurts really hurts. Feels like there's just an emptiness in my stomach or something. Yeah yeah there's tons of games this year to keep us entertained I get it. But still... Smh now my expectations for this game are now in outer space and there's no coming back to Earth for me at this point. Back in 2017 when we first saw that Toy Story trailer and saw that 2018 window there's a light at the end of that tunnel finally fans cried (skyward wing) there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Then.... we hit 2018 six months and BAM smacked with a dealy and kicked right in the teeth falling too the half way point. As a fan I feel like I have a ball and a chain hooked to my ankle and now we have to slowly tread through another year of mud to get to our precious Kingdom Hearts 3. I was so happy so excited I bragged to my friends that it was finally coming this year and they told me now watch it get delayed too 2019 now I'm never going to hear the end of it or show my face. * screams in pillow* NOMURA THIS HAD BETTER BE THE BEST VIDEO GAME TOO GRACE EARTH OR SO HELP ME!
  2. No your last part is wrong Kh3 begins immediately after DDD. The secret ending of DDD goes into kh3 The end of 0.2 is basically continuing after DDD and going right too kh3 it's basically our first kh3 cutscene in a game thats not a trailer. As for the time that passed between kh2 and kh3 it's unknown who knows how long it was before Mickey sent that bottle to Sora at the end of 2 few weeks too months would be my guess. It's unknown how much time has passed between Kh2 and kh3. We don't really know how long sora waited before Mickey sent that bottle to him at the end of 2. And for the new Twilight town this could be simply a new section of the town that we've just never seen before that they couldn't fit on kh2 cause of hardware limits on ps2. Remember all worlds are going to feel more alive and bigger than ever before . Twilight town has always been big if you look at it you just can't go everywhere cause the ps2 was too weak to make huge worlds. But with the ps4 any returning worlds is going to be much bigger.
  3. Target actually listed November 2nd and their placeholder date was December 31st 2018. Not sure if they took it down but i definitely wouldn't be too surprised if it was October or November.
  4. I 100% agree it absolutely terrifies me to the my very soul that there's a chance we could get a Kingdom Hearts 3 Royal Edition like FF15. I absolutely do not want this game coming out uncompleted and having a buy Rikus story and Kairis story and this story and that story ect. If this game comes out I want everything to be positive I want a positive outlook from fans and critics and game reviewers alike. The story of Kingdom Hearts is convoluted enough and if they're going to hide it under DLC where we have to wait for months and months to find something out were screwed. Squares future and how they're going to handle games through months to years of season passes and add-ons terrifies me if the future of Kingdom Hearts is headed down the same path as FFxv then I'm done I'm walking out the door and as I walk out of that door a piece of my soul tear off having to drop one of my favorite gaming franchises of all time I will swirl into depression and an endless abyss if Square turns the Kingdom Hearts franchise into FFXV.
  5. We have a better chance of a demo coming too Pax or E3. 100% E3 along with that release date.
  6. It has to be Kingdom Hearts 3 if they're so secretive about it no ands ifs or buts about it. If this game is still coming this year voice acting definitely needs to get out of the way soon.
  7. Looks really good but too be completely honest this is my last Super hero movie for a very long time. I'm so fatigued of superhero stuff it's so oversaturated they're just everywhere.
  8. The combat was pretty bad the first two trailers or so but the latest trailer we have and the orchestra one back when they revealed Maleficent Pete all hit detection looked right and smooth. I love it when Sora transitions into different keyblade transformations and summons and rides ect. It's so natural and flashy Kingdom Hearts 3 will most definitely have the most varied gameplay out of any Kingdom Hearts there's so many different ways to go about battles we went from a long way from just mashing X in Kingdom Hearts 1.
  9. Whatever he's up to it excites me beyond words and terrifies me to no end at the very same time. You really never know what this man is going to do next.
  10. There's got to be something at that Unchained X event or PAX. This is the release year of Kingdom Hearts 3 they have to keep the marketing going there's absolutely no reason to be silent or secretive they've had just about 5 years to do that. I just want my official release date and I'm gone into the wind. I want to know the least amount of info going into this game so I can be surprised as much as possible. No more wolrds no music NOTHING MAIN!
  11. It actually bothers me a little bit that they're not getting new clothes especially when everybody in the stinking game is basically getting new clothes except the two main characters that stick by your side like Siamese twins.(nomura logic) I actually like Donald and Goofy's outfits in Kingdom Hearts 1 before he met Sora that Knight armor looked pretty good on Goofy.
  12. If anything Star Wars related makes it into Kingdom Hearts 3 I'll jump to the clouds like a freaking rocket. I'm going to keep my hopes in the middle for a world but I think a link summon would be perfect. Didn't nomura way back wanted too put Marvel and Star Wars into Kingdom Hearts 3? but he had to make phone calls to get permission?
  13. MX vs. ATV all out. I've played all that MX and Atv games growing up I loved just listening to the soundtracks while just roaming around an open field doing tricks. I just like my motorized toys.
  14. I believe a year or two ago nomura confirmed that it will be a very short tutorial you're basically going to be dropped into action. And after the opening of the game and don't think twice the very first cutscene will be young xehanort and eraqus the 2015 trailer but just longer obviously. My guess is on Mount Olympus is where the tutorial will be done at the tutorial will start at the very bottom of the mountain and as you work up the Mountain the more of the tutorial you unlock and complete. It isn't rocket science I mean Sora is going to Mount Olympus to basically train and get his power back (and probably unlock the power to transform his keyblade that he failed too do in Dream Drop) so yeah put two and two together its obvious I mean it's pretty much going to be like DDD. DDD had a very short tutorial.
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