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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Do you have ANY idea how much of a pain it is to get these Silver Tickets? I don't care about Bronze. Tier 1-3 Medals are pointless investments that only serve to pad Keyblade Slots. That's it. The only tickets that are actually worthwhile to get are Silver or Gold, and Gold is practically impossible to get because those who already have crazy powerful Medals always manage to top the charts and hold a monopoly while the rest of us have to struggle to fight over the Silver ones. So when we DO manage to get Silver Tickets, getting NOTHING BUT THREES AND ONE FOUR IS RAGEQUIT WORTHY. Silver Tickets should only ever give you 4s or above. NOTHING from the Bronze. You get plenty of 3s already from the crap load of Bronze Tickets you accumulate on a regular basis. And to make matters worse, you're actually making a single Silver Ticket as part of the deal for buying Jewels this week. A SILVER Ticket. Not even a Gold, I mean seriously? You realize the sort of vitriol you're gonna generate towards you and this game from people who NEVER manage to get Silver Tickets from PvP, who decide to spend money to get it from this week's deal, and end up mostly getting what they could ALREADY get from the worthless Bronze Tickets? Something needs to be done. Pronto. This mess with the rewards from Silver Tickets needs to be addressed and corrected, before this starts too far out of hand. I mean I've been tolerating it for weeks now, and I've now reached the point of dissatisfaction that I'm not bothering to come on here and write this post to voice my complaints.
  2. Well, I decided to try one last time for it. And...SUCCESS... x_x That was soooooo stressful, lol But yeah, I see what you mean. And I've played other games too that had bad setups with RNG Loot Boxes. There are ways to balance that. Like for example, if this game had Player Trading where you had like an in-game or even a forum based Medal Economy where players could freely trade with one another? That'd make those bad pulls more worth something. I'm an Indie Dev, been working on my own game project for a number of years now, so player engagement and how to keep folks interested is always something I think about. The thing is also, this game could make boat loads more money if they reduced the price of Jewels and or offered more per dollar. I mean, its a Free to Play game and they're a business, they need to make money. I totally get that and can appreciate where they're coming from. The whole reason I made this thread was offer my honest feedback. I'm a new player, this has been my experience thus far. I want them and the game to be successful because I see a lot of potential here. But I also see some wasted opportunities. Its in the name; "Micro"-transactions. There's nothing micro about $80-$100 for a single Medal. The only kind of players that are gonna drop that kind of money on a Free to Play are those with an excess of finances to spare, which the vast majority of people playing this either don't have or aren't going to be willing to buy into. So from a business perspective, this setup is actually hurting them. Give me a reason to spend money, make me feel "safe" with the idea of doing so. Don't punish people for NOT spending money, that's just going to hurt your bottom line for overall sales. Players are more willing to spend money if they feel each time they are doing so its worth their while. -3 to 5 Pulls Promise; If you don't get what you're wanting you're guaranteed to get it either on the 3rd or 5th draw. -Lower Jewel Costs; You'd be amazed how much more money you make if you're charging folks $5 instead of $15-$20. That $5 spending adds up and more folks find that price to be more acceptable. -Medal Trading; Enriches the Community and gets players doing way more interaction and keeps folks more invested in the game with a player driven economy. So yeah, that's just my input on things. I'm beyond happy I finally managed to get that Ventus, like I grinded all the way up to Mission 530+ to get it. I didn't really know that the "Mercy" thing wasn't applied to all Deals. I'll definitely be more careful about that going forward and keep an eye out for it. Thanks for your advice, I'll definitely remember it. ^_^
  3. Alright, seriously? Stayed up till 6AM grinding this out. I'm now at 12,000 Jewels spent trying to get this thing. This was my 4th attempt. And it gave me, YET AGAIN, another stupid Trait Medal for the one that I DON'T HAVE... That's now 3 Trait Medals for the HD Ventus EX which are just useless to me. I can't use them because for whatever reason, this game is giving me Trait Medals for something that I don't have. I don't CARE about these Trait Medals. I want the friggen HD Ventus EX that's advertised.
  4. Huh? The first pull for the HD Ventus EX wasn't free. But you're saying there is an actual point in which you're guaranteed to get the featured medal? If that's the case then it would make me feel better. I hate situations where I feel as though what I'm doing is an exercise in futility or that there's no real end in sight to my objective.
  5. Hello. I've been playing this game for the past week now and I was fortunate enough as a new player with my starting Jewels to pull the HD Aqua EX on my first try. It immediately felt nice and it kept me hooked. But recently I've been having a polarizing experience with the game all centered around the shop. It seemed astonishing to me that immediately after the Aqua deal ended, the HD Ventus EX was now being offered. As I often do with most games I decide to get invested in, I did my research on the various medals. My favorite characters are from Birth by Sleep and so I definitely want this Ventus. At first I was considering dropping some money on the game to take advantage of that discounted Jewel offer, but I figured instead not to immediately jump the gun on that decision because of how F2P games that use RNG Loot systems have burned me in the past. So instead I've been doing Story Missions to earn the necessary 3,000 Jewel. My first pull yielded 2 Trait Medals for the Ventus EX. At first I thought it was weird that the game would give me trait medals for something I don't already have. Its just a waste to have them otherwise, they take up slots in my storage and just sit there. But I figured alright, that was the first pull, no biggie. So I went through, did 100+ missions to get another 3,000 jewels and made a second attempt. "Nothing." No HD Ventus EX. In fact nothing I got was of any particular interest to me. I was annoyed, but determined. So once again, I went through another 100+ missions and got ANOTHER 3,000 jewels... Aaaaaaand same outcome. So this is starting to irritate me. And I really want to press upon the developers and those in charge that this is starting to soil the experience for me. This RNG Loot system. The cost of Jewels with actual money is no joke. $15 with just the deal itself in place is a lot of money to be dropping on a game. Now, I wouldn't mind doing that if not for the fact that I just spent 9,000 Jewels and ended up feeling like I just wasted my time. Those aren't exactly good odds for me to feel safe spending actual money on. I don't even know why I was given these Trait Medals in the first place if I don't have the one that they go to. Its just annoying. Again, 9,000 Jewels in on this so far. I obviously made the correct choice in not actually spending any money for this thing, but how does that help you out? Shouldn't you be wanting me to spend my money? But I don't feel safe doing so, not with these kinds of odds here. I mean, if you had it set where like in the event someone doesn't pull the medal after a certain number of tries, they're automatically guaranteed to get it, THAT would be more reasonable in my mind. That at least would be a show of good faith that you're not trying to just drain as much as possible from my wallet. There's 3 days left until this offer expires. I'm going to endeavor to try and, once again, grind my way through for another 3,000 jewels to attempt this. Maybe 12,000 is the magic number. I don't know. Anyways, just wanted to voice my feedback. Aside from this, the rest of the game has been alright. I kinda wish there were other, more quicker methods available to folks for acquiring Jewels or that these deals weren't timed. Cause its like trying to do all this in 4 days time before it expires is just really stressful and adding more to my level of frustration over it. Again, its not making me want to spend money, its having the total opposite effect. Its a free to play game, while I can appreciate that fact and I do enjoy playing said game, I hate feeling like I need to choose between playing the game or doing something else with my time and potentially missing out on something that I really want.
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