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  1. "What's going on?!" Goten looked at the robot, eyes widened. "They're stealing our Dragon Ball?!" "Damn, I knew someone should've stayed behind to guard the craft!" Trunks yelled, stunned by the turn of events. "They seem rather stunned as well, though." Lukai smiled. "We should hurry before they decide to leave with the stolen goods!" "Let's get them!" Pan yelled in high spirit and decided to lead the charge herself.
  2. Trunks walked up to the strong sisters and looked at the weapon. He then turned his attention to Goku and gave him a curious look. "You think it'd suit me?" "More than anyone else." Lukai patted the boy on the shoulder. Trunks nodded and turned towards Todora and Unari again. "We... I will accept it then. Thank you." He said, and took the sword, holding it high with a smile. He wasn't sure for what he will use it for but in that instant it felt as if the sword held a magical power. The power to ensure Trunks of their future success.
  3. "We all need one, don't we?" Lukai asked Kona cheerfully. "I'm sure she will. This defeat was a harsh lesson for the strong sisters, but I'm positive about their future." Just then Todora gave them the second Dragon Ball but also another thing; a weapon. "The Strong Sword, huh?" Pan looked at the item. "Are you sure, you want to give us such an important item?" She looked at both Todora and Unari, just to make sure that both sisters were sure about giving this precious item away.
  4. Reverting back from her Saiyan form, Pan cheered and celebrated with Kona and Chie, smiled at her grandfather and gave Yuki a high-five. "Thanks everyone!" She said happily. "But I couldn't have done it without Trunks and Goten." she said and smiled at the two of them. "Can't wait for that meal! I could eat a bear now!" she said laughing. As her eyes fell on the sisters her smile faded for a second. Pull it together! Don't get carried away because you're stronger! Honour yourself and your enemies! She took a deep breath and yelled over to the strong sisters, while bowing: "Train hard you two! I will too and one day, we can fight again!"
  5. Pan stepped besides Unari and looked down upon her with a chilling gaze. "Stay on the ground, and consider yourself lucky. If Trunks would've been more severely damaged, you'd be missing a couple of bodyparts by now." She said and turned towards Yuki and Son Goku revealing a triumphant smile. "We did it!" She shrieked happily and reached towards the skies with both hands. Lukai smiled happily. She did it! she thought. They won and everyone was alright. Goten was kneeling besides Trunks as well, looking at his relative with a stunned but joyful look on his face.
  6. That last Ki wave took all her remaining strength, no wonder she wasn't even able to react as Unari pinned her onto that tree. She heard the voices, though they were muffled. she saw lights far behind the strong sister, though her vision was blured. Unari's voice, whatever she was talking about, Pan couldn't hear it. She fell back there once more, to that silent dark hole in which she hid once already. I can't fight! I need to fight! I'm powerless! Why?! I can't give up! What should I do?! "Release your power" This was third voice. Cold and deep, as if it was the voice of Darkness itself. "Release your true power, daughter of the Saiyajin!" Is that you? Are you still inside me? What is going on? "The time for talking is over, Pan. The time to fight is now!" Unari's tail-sword almost touched Pan's neck, when the girl re-opened her eyes and stared into the other's, giving her a confident grin. "Bad kitty." She whispered and grabbed the tail-sword with her bare hand and crushed it. The next moment a powerful wave of energy bursted out, and the sheer power of Pan's aura was enough to blow both the tree and Unari away from her. Her hair's colour changed; it turned into a golden hue and suddenly became spiky. "How dare you damn cat touch Trunks? How dare you threaten anyone?!" She demanded as she looked at her with a cold, relaxed look. "Don't worry. I won't slice you up. I'll simply break every damn bone in your body, so you'll have enough time thinking about what you've done while recovering!" She asserted and dashed towards the strong sister, unleashing a powerful barrage of punches and kicks at the moment of impact.
  7. Lukai followed Chie to Trunks and quickly tore off a piece of her clothing, making a bandage to treat the boy's wound. It was serious, but not fatal. He'd get better soon. Honestly she was more worried about Pan, who was still fighting, though it was becoming more and more harder for her at this point. Pan dodged another attack, retreated once more and smiled wickedly at her opponent. Exhaustion and pain were taking their toll on the girl, but she wasn't about to give up just yet. She took up fighting stance once more and unleashed another wave of Ki energy at Unari before she could get close enough. "Eat this you annoying cat!" She cried with a blazing fighting spirit as she unleased the attack.
  8. Pan looked at Trunks who crashed into the ground and was bleedy quite badly. She clenched her fists and looked at her opponent grimly. "You will pay for this!" She yelled and dashed towards Unari, ready to beat the strong sister. She tried dodging the attacks, while getting one or two hits in, but they were pretty evenly matched. Finally she jumped away, now bleeding for multiple cuts and stabs, panting hardly but trying to maintain her stance.
  9. Pan grabbed her bleeding hand, trying to overcome the pain but suddenly Unari appears under her and begins a new attack which she wasn't prepared for. She tries dodging the tail, which she manages for the first couple of seconds but after that she gets caught and the sharp sword-like tail slices her body. She yells because of the pain, but before her enemies attacks could get much worse, Trunks appears besides her and pushes her out of the way, taking most of the damage instead of her.
  10. Pan stood her ground. She looked into the eyes of the eyes of that bewildered, almost crazy warrior but didn't flinch nor did she move. She took up her fighting stance and began to collect her ki. The sword-like tail flashed dangerously as it came closer, yet the girl wasn't about to take a step. She wanted to meet her opponent head-on, battle her just like his grandfather would've done. The best defense is a good offense, isn't that right?! The sword slashed down, and Pan raised her hand. She didn't try to grab it, that would've been probably impossible at her level. Instead she let the weapon cut into her left hand, stopping the weapon that way. She yelled out in pain and fury but excitement at the same time and she released the energy which she gathered in her other hand, right towards the chest of Unari. "TAKE THIS!"
  11. "Awww... did the kitten's tail catch fire?" Pan winked mischievously (for the first time in a while). "Look, your sister is having fun as well!" she pointed towards the others in hope of letting her enemies guard down for a second. Goten did something, Todora probably wasn't expecting. Instead of dodging or parrying or even evading her kick, he grabbed her leg and squeezed it to his side with his right arm tightly. "We're both going down!" He yelled, smilling darkly. The attack rained down upon them from above and in the very last second, Goten reached out with his left, grabbed Todora's cloth and pulled the girl towards him, while falling on his back, holding her above himself using the strong sister as a shield to defend himself against the attack. Even with her as a shield he'd probably get a pretty nasty damage, but at least the sacrifice wouldn't be in vain.
  12. Pan stops using ki waves and suddenly disappears from sight, appearing besides Undari, elbowing her in the stomach with another ki-burst from melee range as a follow-up. Thanks to Yuki I'm much stronger and know techniques I haven't been able to use before. I wasn't sure about the Rapid Movement's effectiveness, but I'm getting the hang of it. In the meantime Goten and Trunks began changing positions, so Todora can't get used to the rhythm of their attacks. They continue the short-long attacks for a short time and then suddenly the ranged attack stops, while the melee attacks intensify. Goten continues his attacks relentlessly, with Trunks nowhere to be seen. Above them however he prepares an attack, that could put an end to the battle if everything goes well. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Trunks yells and releases the powerful attack.
  13. Pan didn't underestimate her opponent, so she wasn't surprised to see Unari keeping up with her. Still she decided against increasing speed or strength, she just kept on attacking and was glad to see a few of her attacks to get through. Then came the sudden counter, and though she managed to block with both hands the kick still sent her flying backwards, to which she responded with a barrage of ki blast. As she flew towards Goten, Trunks sped towards her trying to land in a kick before she could get to the boy, but unluckily she flipped over the boy at the last moment which meant that Trunks basically landed a kick on Goten instead of their enemy. The attack was thankfully blocked by the male, but still pushed him away, coliding with Todora who was in the mean time trying to land an attack on him from behind. Goten landed on the ground after crashing into the sister, but quickly got up and teaming up with Trunks began their attack on her, one of them attacking from up-close while the other providing back-up attacks by continuing the ki-blasts.
  14. Pan met Unari head on, unleashing a barrage of hits and kicks at her, while Trunks and Goten dodged the attack by evading it. The two boys sent their own Ki in waves of blast towards Todora from both sides, hoping to hit their opponent before she could block or evade the attack.
  15. Trunks and Goten looked at each other, then at Lukai who gave them a reassuring smile and a nod. "Alright, let's do this!" Goten said and raised his hands towards the other two, both of whom gave him a high-five. The trio took up fighting stances and looked expectantly at the sisters ready to charge in. "Don't get reckless now!" Trunks warned them. "Look who's talking!" Goten grinned. "If you guys get in trouble, you can always hide behind me." Pan said with a soft smile.
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