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  1. Life's such a mess...

  2. Yoyo!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Alicia Maddox

      Alicia Maddox

      Do you have any where you live? They are so much fun!

    3. SoraGR


      Yeah i do actually :P


    4. Alicia Maddox

      Alicia Maddox

      Sweet! How big are they?

  3. hiya, how are you today? :)

  4. hey Sora how are you today its lovely to see you :3

  5. hey sora how are you?

  6. hey how are you today :3

  7. Merry Christmas Sora!

  8. hello how r u today :3

  9. hey its been a while i havent talked with u in a while

  10. hey how arw you doing :3

    1. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      I hope you had a lovely weekend ;3

    2. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Hi! How are you Today!

    3. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Hey how are u doing today

  11. :3 its been lovely talking with you :) i do hope you have a nice day and hope you have a lovely day tomorrow
  12. hey Sora! nice to see you online this evening :3

    1. SoraGR


      Hola! Nice to see you online as well dear :3

    2. sora x kairi
    3. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      I hope you have a nice day.

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