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  1. Hello! It's been a while, huh? Guess a really good thing that finally happened... Braces off? Double check! ;D
  2. Congratulations! :'D I am so proud of you both as well as this forum.
  3. It's been such a long time. But, at least I know that thanks to this site a new life is coming! :') Congratulations, KingRiku and Ertyx.

    1. Sikota Urinakano

      Sikota Urinakano

      I wonder which KH13 marriage will come next OwO

    2. Sora
  4. When KHIII comes out, by the time I have it main menu with the new version of the Dearly Beloved, I will probably just stay there crying endlessly.

  5. Happy Birthday, KH. :D

  6. Now that we have Google as a member, I have the need to see Google making out with Firefox while, with that, he teases Chrome for making a threesome.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. The Protagonist
    3. Marley_Aqua_33


      Now I really need to read this.

    4. KHfan4


      We have Bing as a member too. He'll be throwing popcorn at google as he's making out with firefox.

  7. Yes. Many people have already pointed out that his hair looks like Sasuke's. Maybe Noctis will even fall into darkness?
  8. The summary of Comic Con in Porto. PS: Next time, it's better drink vodka.
  9. Oh... Shera is the cute, little one...
  10. Até adicionas-te a música no perfil... <3

  11. The joy you feel when you find in the Internet all the homework done for you.

  12. Today, I had this really awkward but cute moment. I was walking in the city to pick up by Birthday cake with my Mom and we went trough the fastest road. Turns out that I passed in front of the hospital were I was born at the exact time I was born.

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    2. Marley_Aqua_33


      Yes, it was my Birthday.

    3. MyDixieRect


      Yeah I just reread it, turns out i somehow missed the "Birthday Cake" part. Not my smartest question...

    4. MyDixieRect


      *conditional statement

  13. Aww... Thank you so much, guys. (Especially to Ri, who started this topic. <3)
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