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  1. I don't know if this is good or bad news because of the dumb move of making it private in 2015...
  2. Does anybody has a spare DLC code of world of Final Fantasy? I couldn't buy the Day one edition :/

  3. Wow, not bad! That score is really good, I can't wait for this game but actually I don't mind the score of my favorite game as long I can play it, understand and enjoy the story
  4. Wow I didn't expect this from them and why KHII has the lowest score if that's the game with the best gameplay mechanics in the series? that's stupid....
  5. Uff man I hope you are right.... It's just, their days to publishing games are gone and I'm worried about this....
  6. I'm worried for this.... Should I be worried about an upcoming trouble for Kingdom Hearts? O.O
  7. I know some of you guys still play the JP Version of KHUX but I have a question about its compatibility, Is compatible with Tablets? I have a Samsung Tablet and I've already pre-registered KHUX for my tablet and I hope I can play it there. Sorry if my english is kinda bad hehe, thank you
  8. Ok but Miitomo is not US only, It's not available in Ecuador....
  9. Hello guys! I'm so excited for KHUX but I have a problem, you see, I live in Ecuador and I can't use apps available only in U.S. like Miitomo, is there a way to change the residence of my Google Account or make a new google account with the residence of U.S?
  10. So, When is the next big event for a KHIII Trailer? or 2.8?

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    2. Gwynbleidd


      Gonna be dry season for a LONG time.

    3. Captain Swagblader

      Captain Swagblader

      Ready the cryo-freezer. Looks like my "summer vacation" is over.

    4. MythrilMagician


      @Snow Unless we can nab some decent Unchained X news, which I highly doubt.

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