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  1. For me it’s a tie between Dark Domination and One Winged Angel
  2. Zootopia as I would really love to see what each of the main characters would turn into in that world and how the interactions with Nick and Judy would go as I think Sora would definitely have some interesting interactions with them. Also I think Zootopia would be a good choice giving how the characters in the film travel to a few different locations that look different from each other which would mean they would have a variety of environments to choose from when designing the world which I think would look great in the Unreal engine 4 or future versions of it.
  3. Halloween Town KH2 - I loved seeing how they recreated one of my favourite films in Kingdom Hearts. I really like how they matched the locations in the film and for the parts that weren’t in the film they definitely fit in with the rest of the world. I also really the idea of Halloween Town and Christmas Town atmosphere being complete opposite of each other while still being apart of the same world and not feeling out of place. The World That Never Was-I just like everything about the design of this world and it actually hard for me to think of one specific thing I liked as I really liked all of it. KH3 Tangled world - It’s just so much fun to explore as the environment looks really nice. KH3 Pirates of the Caribbean world - I think the underwater parts were really well designed and I really like how explorable the parts where you were on the sea travelling to all the different islands felt. KH3 Keyblade Graveyard and Scala ad Caelum - I just love the design of both of these worlds and how they definitely suit the role of being the final two worlds of the game as the worlds atmosphere feels like it really matches the situation that is happening. KH3 Final World - Although there wasn’t much in this world the environment just looked really pretty.
  4. I think this looks awesome I think your artwork perfectly sums up all the emotions that were felt throughout that fight
  5. I only knew them for the Ice Age films as I grew up watching them, It kind of feels like a part of my childhood is gone
  6. Elrena - First reason is because Larxene/Elrena is my favourite character and I want her to get more backstory and screen time and I want to see how different her nobody is from her original self as we have seen her before Elrena became Larxene but now that she has been recompleted I don’t think she is going to have the same personality as she had in Union X. My other reason is although she didn’t remember she was a Keyblade Wielder, I still think she remembers more than she lets on, as I think that although she doesn’t remember how she met Lauriam I believe she might remember that she knew Marluxia before the Organization or that he felt familiar somehow but just can’t remember how or where she met him. Also I’m curious about one or two things from her character file. The only thing I think that will definitely happen is that wherever Lauriam is Elrena going to be there too. Strelitzia - Although we know she died and that she is probably going to play a big part in Lauriam character development somehow and possibly Elrena too. I believe she is going to be reunited with Lauriam and Elrena but what I’m interested in is how. I think it would either be that she is a star we haven’t met in the Final World who will help the heroes and they will somehow save her and end up getting her a replica body or that she is going to be revived by the Master of Masters somehow and will be possessed or something like that and used against the heroes and could be possibly forced to fight Lauriam and he would have to fight her to in order to free Strelitzia from the MoM control. Probably won’t end up being either of these situations but i still believe she will be brought back somehow. Demyx - I just want to know who he is and what exactly is his future role and is he going to be a enemy or will he help us?
  7. Although I think Ventus would beat Vanitas and Roxas would beat Ventus, the Sora vs Roxas fight in terms of who would win is interesting to think about. As if you think about it Sora technically only won against Roxas because he was taken by surprise that Sora was able to do that with his Keyblade but by the looks of it if that didn’t happen Roxas would of probably won ( Plot demands that Sora wins fights like this so if it wasn’t for that it looks like Roxas would of won). Also you could say he wins the KH2 Data fight against Roxas but that just extra gameplay stuff as far as I’m aware it not canon and if that’s the case you can’t really count that. Another factor you could argue that Roxas is still capable of duel wielding now that he’s his own person and automatically summons two without any form changes or drives forms whereas if you think about it Sora can only summon one and can only summon two with form changes or drive forms. Roxas is really overpowered in KH3 in the fight against Saix and you can literally stand by and do nothing and Roxas does massive damage and by the looks of it a couple of hits from Roxas seems to take away more HP from Saix than if it was Sora attacking , again you could say that Sora is the one to beat Saix since the fight won’t end until you hit him but that only because the game demands it. Considering Sora doesn’t fight Roxas in KH3 you can’t say he would definitely beat him. A lot of the stuff like summons are technically gameplay mechanics to make the game more fun and not Sora actual strength also you could debate that a lot of Sora strength comes from his friends and not Sora’s own power as he says my friends are my power and in the Keyblade Graveyard he believed he wouldn’t be capable of wining without them so if you don’t count them could you still say Sora would beat Roxas. So if we’re talking about there own power it seems like Roxas would most likely win.
  8. I never thought about reincarnation as a plot point before but I don’t think I would want to see it happen as I mentioned in my previous post I think we have enough of this character is actually another character situation going on in the series I think reincarnation would just make things worse. The Player from the mobile app was definitely the one I was referencing, I actually completely forgot about the Player in XBC not sure how I managed to forget that lol Before KH3 came out I was also wanting Demyx to be some random person who just somehow managed to get caught up in this mess and that honestly who I thought he would be especially after hearing we could learn water magic as I thought he would of been the one to teach us as I actually imagined we would end up with a situation that went something like this (well maybe not exactly like this) Sora : Hey I know you Demyx: sees Sora standing there and starts freaking out thinking Sora’s going to fight him again Sora: unable to get a word in or just standing there confused Demyx then teaches him water magic to get him to not fight him and Sora says something about how he wasn’t actually going to fight him in the first place followed by Demyx surprised reaction and then complaining how he had just done work when it turned out there was no reason to do any work in the first place. As much as i would of liked something silly like that to happen for a laugh, I’m glad it didn’t because it means that Demyx has a interesting role in the series instead of being some random guy who is just there for one scene and doesn’t ever appear again.
  9. Although I don’t have any theories of my own, I have read a few different theories about who Demyx might be and i was wondering if anyone has any theories or if anyone thinks any of these theories could be possible? My thoughts on the theories I’ve seen are: Demyx is from Quadratum - This is the one that is most likely to happen in my opinion as considering members 9-12 all have the ancient Keyblade legacy within them and as Lauriam and Elrena are from Daybreak Town and Luxord is from Quadratum it just seems that he most likely going to be from Quadratum as well. Demyx is the player from Union X - This is unlikely, however I do find it a very interesting theory in my opinion and I wouldn’t mind if it was true. As the default male character does kind of look like a younger Demyx in some ways and the player character seems like all they want to do is make friends wherever they go and in the KH3 character files Demyx says ” why am I in the Organization well I mean there lots of reasons but - oh right I wanted friends right” Although the Player could fight and fought when they needed to they still seemed like they would rather not have to resort to conflict and would rather talk things out if they could and on the other hand we have Demyx who can fight but hates it and avoids it whenever he can as he doesn’t like work and would rather sit playing his sitar all day. Although if Demyx was in the Keyblade war back then, maybe it’s possible that although he can’t remember his past including the Keyblade war perhaps it somehow subconsciously influenced his Nobody personality and if that was the case it would make this part of Demyx character file interesting “ I hate fighting and jamming out is way more fun, sad stuff, painful stuff why would I want to do anything like that? I guess there’s the stuff you got to do to survive but if I can I’d much rather live a life on easy street”. Also it makes this line from KH2 quite interesting as well “ I’m extremely imposing when I want to be which is admittedly almost never” again this theory is unlikely to happen but I still find it interesting. Demyx is one of the upperclassman that went missing in Dark Road - I don’t think this would be the case as if he existed around this time period I don’t think this would count as having a ancient Keyblade legacy as young Xehanort and young Eraqus were around then too. Finally Demyx is the MoM - I don’t like this theory, I want the MoM to be his own character not someone else we have had enough of that happen in the series already. Although I’ll admit that even though I don’t like this theory and don’t want this to happen, I would rather Demyx be the MoM instead of Sora, if the MoM has to be a character that already exists. Anyway what does everyone else think of these theories do you want any of these to be true? Or do you have any other theories that you think could happen? I’m curious what everyone else thinks
  10. Everything already been stated but here’s some minor things I thought of: This one is debatable since it depends whether you view Riku as the final boss of Days but I’m including this one because I view Xion as the final boss of Days not Riku. Marluxia - Since Marluxia was the final boss of Chain of Memories it meant up until KH3 he was the only humanoid final boss that wasn’t connected to Sora’s heart in some way or was another version of Xehanort we had fought in the series. However given the fact that he had a piece of Xehanort heart inside in KH3 this isn’t the case anymore. Marluxia, Larxene - Where the traitors of Organization XIII however as the series went on the list grew and by the the end of KH3 if you think about it the only original Organization XIII member who didn’t betray Xemnas/ Xehanort, worked/ secretly worked for the other side was Luxord and maybe Xigbar (which is debatable because he was working for MoM the whole time)
  11. I’ve actually only completed Lucky Emblems and it probably felt longer than it actually took as even though I was using a guide trying to get to the actual locations could be a bit annoying at some points especially In the Pirates of the Caribbean world. Although I have done a bit of everything else and there a lot more fun than searching for Lucky Emblems in my opinion.
  12. For me my first choice would be Zidane from FF9 as I think his personality would make him a interesting character in the KH series and I think it would be cool if he was one of the residents in Twilight Town as him and Vivi are friends in FF9 so it would be a cool reference. Although if I could choose another character I would pick Red XIII and I think it would be cool if he was in Radiant Garden as almost every Final Fantasy character in that world is one of his friends in FF7. Who would everyone else pick?
  13. My first and second favourite constantly switch places but it always between those two games, but anyway for me my list would currently be Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - I know this is a really unpopular opinion but I just really like this game, the card system is a lot of fun and I enjoy trying to come up with strategies for each fight. I think the story in this game is one of the better written stories in the series and it’s the game that my favourite characters first appear in. Sora’s story is definitely my favourite and Riku’s is good too, honestly this game really does not deserve as much hate as it gets, also currently playing through the Gameboy advance version right now and it is definitely a challenge especially when you get to the 13th floor but it’s also a fun game. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix - All I can say is I like nearly everything about this game and find it lots of fun.The only thing I don’t like is Hot Rod Heartless, Dancers and Data Demyx (as I hate that beat 99 water clones in 10 seconds part.) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days- I think Organization XIII are awesome so when I found out there was going to be a game where you could play as them I knew I would like this game, I think the Days trio are awesome and I really enjoy watching their friendship develop over the game and this game also introduces the rest of my favourite characters. This is definitely one of the more emotional games in the series especially the boss fight against Xion as having to play as Roxas fighting Xion after seeing their friendship throughout the game and Vector To The Heavens playing in the background definitely made this one of the few times in video games where I didn’t want to fight the final boss. I think the DS version is the best way to experience this game instead of the movie and the multiplayer is really fun too. Kingdom Hearts 3- This may be a unpopular opinion but I actually liked the game, I’ll admit it had it faults but overall it was still a good game. The fights in the Keyblade Graveyard were a lot of fun. I was really happy to see the Days trio reunite and was also really glad to see my favourite characters return in the game and I’m happy that the game hinted at them being important to future games. Also The DLC is awesome and I really enjoy switching between the Data fights and photo mode. Kingdom Hearts DDD - Don’t have much to say about this game other than I enjoyed the combat, the story was good despite the retcons it caused in the series lore, plus the stuff with the Dream Eaters are fun it reminds of playing with the Pokémon at the campground in Sword and Shield. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory - I love the music in the franchise so having a game based around it is a lot of fun for me. The only reason this game is lower on the list is only because we barely got any new story as well as the fact Kairi got no character development, but overall the good parts of the game outweighs the bad for me. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - Good at the time however it didn’t age well in my opinion and the controls aren’t that great despite being a Final Mix version. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - I just can’t enjoy this game I’m not a fan of the Wayfinder trio and didn’t like any of the characters except Vanitas and later Ventus but that was only because of Union X. I didn’t like the controls and I got bored playing it, the only reason it higher than some of the others is because it done some things better than some of the other games I’m still to mention. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep A Fragmentary Passage - The controls were good but it still has a lot of the same problems BBS had and the only reason it’s lower than it is because it’s really short and more of a demo than a game in my opinion. Kingdom Hearts Union X - I really enjoy the main story and I like a majority of the characters and character customisation is fun too , but I dislike the story in the Disney worlds and the fact it’s a mobile game as well as how long it takes to advance the main story. Kingdom Hearts Coded - Played several worlds and it got too repetitive, got bored playing and decided to YouTube the cutscenes instead. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road - Not enjoying it so far but too soon to judge the story in my opinion Kingdom Hearts Back Cover - Although we get plot it still just a movie not a game so I thought it would be unfair to compare it to actual games.
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