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  1. I was happy he finally got into Smash, but I will only play as him when I'm just playing to have fun, now when I'm being serious in little tournaments and stuff that me and my friends have, I would not choose him as my fighter, y'all can laugh all you want but I dominate playing as Kirby or Link.
  2. I tried it and I honestly don't like it...if you don't have good internet it sucks though I have heard people say even with good internet it still sucks. I wanted to give it a go and I will say, not impressed...AT ALL. I have the entire series on my PS4 [PS5] so I'll just stick to playing those. Whoever decided to make it where you can only stream them goofed big time, should've just ported them and called it a day.
  3. Now it's been a while and I forgot because I haven't played KH3 since I initially beat it [to include RE:Mind] but now I'm playing the entire series on Proud Mode and I'm not far from moving on to KH3. I know it's possible to get Ultima, Oblivion and Oathkeeper on a New Game+ but I forgot exactly how to go about it, can someone give me a refresher as to how to get all three keyblades on one save file?
  4. So I want to know, what is the hardest song for you to get a Full Chain in? Whether you haven't gotten the Full Chain yet or it took you a long time and several plays of. For me I can't seem to Full Chain Wave Of Darkness I on Proud, I barely managed to get it on Standard. And it's always the same part of the song that screws me up. What about you guys?
  5. I'd want to see Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. I loved the XIII series, she wouldn't need to be part of the Radiant Garden crew maybe throw her into Twilight Town. I did see a very cool Kingdom Heart artwork style for her when someone made a fake post about her being in a new Kingdom Hearts game. Wish I could find that image. Maybe be the new Struggle Champion OR have a world based on Final Fantasy XIII or put her in the Coliseum matches in a future title. I would also love to see Noctus.
  6. I rather them remake Days than any other previous game. I read when they were first doing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix they were originally going to include a full playable remake of Days but I think due to time limits or something of that matter, they decided to go with the movie option instead. Not saying I wouldn't like to see KH1 remade in UE4 but I would like the story to progress because of a remake.
  7. I'm glad to see it got that, I remember there was a lot of bad talk about this game before it came out. Mainly because people are ready for the story to continue, I mean I am as well, but this is a fun game, the only downside is you can't play with your PSN friends and are randomly given an opponent and sometimes Online Battles don't always work, the last time I tried Online Battle it took me six tries before I finally got an opponent. If they would just let you play your friends online that have the game I would be happy. Other than that, the game is fun, in my opinion it wasn't worth $60 should have been $30 at the least. BUT YAY FOR KINGDOM HEARTS MELODY OF MEMORIES!!!
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