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  1. The minimum requirements aren't that much since I was able to get a laptop that has the processor which is a AMD Ryzen 3 and this is needed for the minimum requirements. Graphics on the other hand, my laptop doesn't say what type because it only says AMD Radeon Graphics.
  2. Same here. Detroit Become Human was the same when it came out on PC two years ago on the Epic Game Store and it wasn't until sometime last year that it was finally put onto Steam since Steam makes more sense due to the huge amount of people using it that shows up before logging in.
  3. I'm still gonna wait for Steam to have it since Detroit Become Human was on the Epic Games store as an exclusive and was available on Steam a year later which made sense due to Steam having more users which means more money for these game companies.
  4. Same here since Steam has more users than Epic if I think about it and they sell games at a lower price unlike Epic who is selling a couple of these games at the same price they were at launch which isn't a good idea during these hard times due to people not having a whole lot of money.
  5. Whenever I remember to go onto Amazon, I will be buying book 2, 3 and possibly volume 1 of the manga, but will see when volume 2 has a release date (which I know is a really long time).
  6. Will just have to wait and see. It could end up with four volumes since KH II had four volumes and the final volume would come out a really long time from now because chapter 14 just came out and having to translate all of the chapters from Japanese to English takes a while especially with what's going on in the world right now.
  7. I don't think so because the KH II mangas were really large/long and those covered more than one world. 358/2 Days was the shortest which only covered a couple of worlds in each volume. The first volume of KH III is 160 pages. The other volumes might be a bit small until the very end.
  8. That is possible since they did that with Kingdom Hearts X. There is a possibility that Union X could get a novel since its prequel got a novel. I agree that a Dark Road novel could happen once the story is done.
  9. Same here! Planning to pre order the second book around early June so, I don't have to wait long and get it when the price on Amazon is lowered.
  10. I believe these short stories for Aqua, Terra, and Ven were in the Birth by Sleep light novel since I have seen Aqua's story in the Birth by Sleep light novel.
  11. Thank you for telling people off who complain about Kingdom Hearts having mobile games because I am also getting sick and tired of people complaining about it all the time. I think it's a great idea to have a couple of Kingdom Hearts games on mobile because it's more accessible to people because not a whole lot of people have a PS4.
  12. I actually agree with you on all of your points. I played a bit of 358/2 Days and Re: Coded through emulation and got really bored after a while. I am planning to get a 3DS to play DDD in order to experience the game since I can't afford a PS4.
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