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  1. For Raids, you're going to want to work on making a Setup kinda like this. As much Damage in Raids Traits as possible stacked across your heavy hitting medals to do Max Damage, with ATK Boost Max VII-VIII Lux++ on them to increase your overall Lux Gain by roughly 50%. Having Ground/Air Enemy DEF traits on your attack medals is also a necessity for doing as much damage as possible. I know traits are Luck based and Moogle Shop is expensive so this is easier said than done, but you will be amazed by how much more damage these traits will make you do. Enemies that you only do 1 Damage against without them will suddenly take hundreds of millions to billions more with them. Using this setup and with a powerful Lux++ Friend Medal, I am able to 2 Turn the Advanced Raid Bosses and am making 1.8 Billion Lux consistently *outside* of Bonus Lux times and over 4 billion during Bonus time. It did take a long time to make my Raid Setups of course: but optimally you want to develop a Raid Setup for each Type so that you can do constant Critical Damage against whatever type that weeks Raid Boss is. I was able to make 1.5 Trillion Lux and place Rank 72 in Lux in Unicornis last week by optimizing like this. Medals like Ultimate Form Sora that ignore enemy attributes are also amazing for Raids because they always inflict Critical Damage.
  2. I see, you definitely have some pretty good medals. Unfortunately, you cannot possibly defeat Nightmare Chirithy at your current level of Strength. You need to be doing Billions of Damage per hit in order to survive it. The biggest thing holding you back from what I see in this pic is your Keyblade's Multipliers. You need to make sure to hit the orange "Subslots" icon above the Spirit Slot icon on each of your Keyblades and optimize those with your 7☆ Medals: this will increase All of your Slot Multipliers and greatly increase your overall Strength and Damage. Make sure to do this every time you obtain any new 7☆ Medals or Lord Kyroo Subslot Medals. Getting all 120 Slots filled on each Keyblade should be your current Main Goal, alongside grinding Proud Mode Quests to get all the Proud Mode Exclusive Keyblades like Counterpoint as well as the Gems needed to level them up. Also, at some point you are going to want to get rid of that "Ground Enemy DEF" Trait on your Slot 1 Kairi using the Moogle Shop if necessary and replace it with an Extra Attack +40%. Against enemies that Reflect Power Type, the extra damage that Enemy Defense Reduction Traits makes your Kairi do will Reflect and cause you to Kill Yourself every time. You may also want to swap spots with your Ira and Roxas, or maybe put Ira in your Spirit Slot. SN+ Ira is much stronger than Roxas and so you want it on a slot with the highest possible multiplier so it can do the most damage. I also noticed you also have Defense Boost skills on both of them. This is really holding them back. Due to them being Strong Attack medals, you want to be putting good Attack Boost Max Skills on them so that they do constantly do 2x-3x more damage. It's very important to keep in mind what purpose your Medal is best designed for before putting Skills on them. Defense Boost is really only needed in PVP, and even then should always be put on Buff Medals since they tend to not do much damage anyway. This is the setup I was using when I defeated Nightmare Chirithy, plus an Ultimate Form Sora on Spirit Slot as well a fully traited SN+ Ava on Friend from my Party Member (I had boosters so my Strength was about 1,000,000 and all my Multipliers were over 8x)
  3. To beat Nightmare Chirithy, most people have trouble because they cannot buff without getting killed. He Reflects 10% Power, so you will not be able to properly Buff with SN KHIII Kairi A if she happens to have the Trait "Ground Enemy Defense -60%" as the reflect damage will instant-kill you. If this is the issue, you'll need to get rid of it. Without it, the Reflect Damage will be only 1HP, allowing you to survive and be strong enough to damage it. Try using Fairy Stars or Counterpoint (avoid Power Type and Reverse Medals) to take advantage of it's type weakness and deal constant Critical Damage, and make sure you try to find a maxed out SN+ Ava or KHIII Aqua with with Ground Defense -60% and Extra Attack on Friend Medal to deal as much damage as possible. If you have a good Copy Medal, put a good Attack Boost Max on it and stick it in in your Spirit Slot so that you can use the Friend Medal multiple times.
  4. Simply putting a bunch of Medals with High Strength Stats into the strongest slots doesn't do you any good for becoming stronger if there's no strategical synergy in your Keyblade Setups. It is absolutely crucial that you understand Buffs/De-Buffs and the effects of your medals Special Attacks in order to access your medals' true power. For example, I assume you have Attack Medals in all your slots because they have high strength and you would think this alone would make you way more powerful. However, this is clearly not the case as I'm sure you have experienced. Basically, you need to make sure your First 1-2 Medals are Buff/Debuff Medals in order to power yourself up while weakening your enemies. Otherwise your medals won't be able to do full Damage to anything. SN KHIII Kairi A being the current best example of a great Buff Medal to always be using as your first move. Using her special unlocks your full potential in terms of how much more powerful it will make every medal that comes after her. Upright/Reverse Up increases all Upright/Reverse Medals power, Strength is Overall Attack Strength, and the Red/Blue/Green Strength increase the Damage of those elements, while the Defense Down versions Lower enemy defense towards those attributes. These stats are all treated as power multipliers and thus are very important. At this stage of the game, you want to be buffing All Stats by 15 Levels to do the best damage possible, while de-buffing your enemies Defenses by roughly the same amount *BEFORE* using your strongest Attack Medals. This will make them hit exponentially harder. You could have some of the most powerful medals in the game, but if you aren't buffing/de-buffing properly before using them, then they might as well be useless because most will do little to No damage due to the difference in your Strength vs Enemy Defenses being too great. You also need to be mindful of your SP usage, and always try to make a setup that allows you to use all your medals Special Attacks infinitely, either through Cost Reduction Skills or Gauge Recovery. This is why having and utilizing SN KHIII Kairi A (or Xion) is necessary in the first slot on most setups in game regardless of if its a Speed or Magic Slot; she is an All-in-One Buff/Debuff/Healer that Buffs virtually ALL of your Stats greatly, drops your enemies defenses, and also Fully Recovering Health while Recovering 10 SP so that you can keep using Specials constantly. However, you also need to be cautious of Overwrite Medals. Say you use Kairi to power-up, but then one or two attacks later there is a medal with Overwrite. Instead of stacking upon your existing buffs, these will generally Replace and Lower the buffs you already have, actually making you weaker. Makes sure to keep this in mind when make Medal Setups so that you don't accidentally mess up an otherwise powerful strategy. Every few Medal Tiers there is a New Kairi or Xion that serves this purpose and changes the game because of how needed they are, and as such it is extremely important to be aware of this and always try to obtain and use them to be able to output your true optimal damage. Evolving your Keyblades to Transform into Glowing Keyblades at Level 35 is a must too because of their very high Strength Multipliers and SP Gauges, although this is one of the more time consuming aspects of the game admittedly. Trait's and Skills are also very important. For Attacking Medals, you really need the Traits Ground and Air Defense -60% in order to actually do worthwhile damage to any of the tougher Bosses in the game. Extra Attack is the best to have on ANY Medal, tho you only need 1. Having Multiple on the same medal does NOT increase your Extra Attack's Damage or give you 2 Extra Attacks- it is a waste of a trait slot have multiple of them. If you have Attack Boost VII-XI Max Skill Medals, only use them on the absolute best attack medals. They are rare and expensive so using them on just any medal just cuz you think it's cool or a character you like can easily be a waste. Also, save any of your LUX++ skills for when you have a greater understanding of all of the above and know for sure that you have a powerful Setup specifically dedicated to Damage in Raids. LUX++ skills are the absolute rarest skills in the game besides Second Chance IV and are absolutely needed for Lux Grinding in any meaningful capacity. Don't get discouraged! I know it seems like a lot and can be kinda complicated/overwhelming to learn at first, but once you understand all of the mechanics it will change the way you think about playing the game and it will become much more enjoyable.
  5. You basically need at least a couple Tier 10's with ATK Boost VIII-XI Maxes on everything to stand a chance. If you don't have any of the Foretellers or KHIII Aqua/Ven/Terra Medals and are stacking hella Strength to power each next medal up, you won't be able to do enough damage. You don't have to completely deplete their HP, like all the previous easier fights against them. Like the setups I've seen for beating say Aced is Counterpoint with SN KHIII Kairi - HD Vanitas -SN+ KHIII Aqua -SN+ KHIII Ava - SN+ KHIII Ava - SN+ KA #21 -and a Friend/Share Foreteller Medal. That setup is actually slightly overkill but still, that's what it takes: It basically IS impossible at this current point for -MOST- people expect the extremely lucky or rich. You definitely aren't the only one who can't beat the moment due to lack of certain necessary new medals. I have a lot of the best medals from the past year myself, but sadly the game has finally reached the point where they are slowly but surely being outclassed by the new banners. I'm Level 470 and in Unicornis so have to fight Aced first, and he makes Nightmare Chirithy look like a joke. I can't even beat him yet. And it's mainly because I don't have even a Single Foreteller medal yet because they're too expensive (10 Pull Mercy is straight bs, they used to all be 5 Pull Mercy) and I'm saving my Jewels for when they re-release SN+ Ava. These quests will be beatable in Free-2-Play eventually, but the hard facts are that it's going to take some time to collect enough Tier 10 Medals to output enough damage. Just have patience and we'll all eventually get strong enough to beat them. As frustrating as not being able to Finish the Keyblade War asap is, at least the quest-line is permanent so isn't going anywhere.
  6. Been using this site for over 10 years, and only now have I actually made an account. Hell yeah :P

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