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  1. I don't think Roxas would lose the ability to dual-wield. Doesn't Roxas use Sora's Kingdom Key and Xion's?
  2. Like other people have said, they have GOT to fix the saving.I know it's supposed to add pressure and blah blah blah...But when your game freezes right before twinmold, and (obviously) your last save was before you started the dungeon.... yeah, no. I'll put up with that once, but I won't do it again. The save system's totally unnecessary. Video games are for fun, dont force people to play for 5 hours at a time or risk losing their progress.
  3. If you're open to new gameplay possibilities, why not welcome the tablet controller? Isn't that what it does? Also if you want large scale battles, I hear Kingdom Hearts 2 has a 1000-Heartless battle that runs on 32-megabytes of RAM. Maybe the character models weren't as pretty as they could be, but you're not a graphics person.
  4. All the games seem to have been the same length.KH I had like 35 hours, but i beat it in two days. Barely slept.Re:CoM was also 35 hours, but it took way longer due to frustration.KH2 was 30-35, took about a week because I had school.BBS was like, 10 for terra, 10 for aqua, 10 for ventus, and 2 for the final chapter. So still 30-35.358/2 Days was 35 hours.3D was 30 hours.So on average, no I'd say it was the same length as the rest of them. But it did FEEL shorter for some reason. Even though I beat KH1 in two days, it felt like one of the longer ones. But that's probably because there were more boring parts than the other games. Same with Re:CoM, that was very boring at times so that felt the longest.I think no matter how KH3 turns out, people are going to be disappointed just because we all have our own ridiculous expectations of perfection haha
  5. The Wii U already plays games that look as good as the KH3 footage and trailer. There's no reason not to put it on there.
  6. Don't forget Paper Mario: Sticker Star.*shudder*
  7. #1, I didn't say that, but I'm glad you at least admitted that sex is a luxury, because that's the point I was making all along.#2, I'm well aware of, and fully support, abortion. Thing is, abortion is far, far more expensive than birth control and condoms combined. As is emergency contraceptive.#3, I didn't even say it was a chore, so I don't know what you're talking about.And #4, you're obviously not listening to what I'm saying, and seeing as how I've made 3 or 4 posts and all of them were just me repeating myself, I don't feel like having an argument with you. It's clearly going nowhere.And yeah, I didn't say anything misogynistic, but people sure do love to throw that word around. It's one of those words you can easily tack on to an argument to vilify your opponent, like "terrorist," "socialist," "racist," etc.
  8. I'm such a whore with dodge roll I never really got over the lack of it in KH2. I spent most of the game waiting for it to give it to me so i could finally enjoy it fully.I don't care if it does nothing at all, if i can roll out of the way, im happy
  9. It seems like you're missing any and every point I've made. I already know "people have sex." I'm well aware of that. But they don't need to. Food, shelter, and water are needs. Sex is not a need at all, it's a luxury. And saying "people have sex either way so they might as well have contraceptives" ....well, first of all, my point is that maybe people should show a little restraint every once in a while. I'm not talking about abstinence, or any of that marriage stuff, I'm firmly against that. But if you're in such a financially unstable situation that you can't afford condoms, it doesn't matter if someone gives you free ones. Condoms break. Birth control fails. And then what? You're gonna buy baby food with the money you saved on condoms? I don't think so. Everyone thinks it won't happen to them, and those are the ones who regret it most. I know people like to have sex, but it's a responsibility, and not even making people be responsible for buying their own protection is sending the wrong message. People like to act like telling people not to have sex is a human rights violation, when in fact it's well within a person's control. The problem is, no one wants to stop having sex, so their bratty defiance is what makes teen moms.
  10. They need to get the team from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Those people knew how to combine things.Fire/Ice type? Melting ice cube, of course!
  11. Yeah, I've played them all. But about a year ago I had to borrow a PS2 and KH1, 2, and RE:CoM from a girl I was dating at the time, and I borrowed my friend's PSP to play birth by sleep. I returned them of course, haha
  12. Hey, no one's completely straight. We've all got a little gay in us haha
  13. This one's hardly a matter of opinion. I have no loyalties to Sony at all, I've never bought anything from them, and I've never owned a single Playstation anything.But when comparing the PS4 to the Xbox One, at least from what we know so far, the PS4 is better in every conceivable way... unless you just don't like your left analog stick to be downward... or something.
  14. I alternate between moderate to sever insomnia and sleeping for 12+ hours a day. So sometimes.Right now I'm in one of those bouts of hibernation, though, so sleep is often the best part of my day.Man, I just made myself sound pathetic, lol
  15. Heh, yeah that pretty much goes without saying, but thanks for reminding me that I'd forgotten a part
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