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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I'm sorry, i didn't mean to imply that at all.): that actually wasn't what I had orginaly wanted to say but, I said it so Evreyone might be on the same page. I apologize.
  2. Although I'm disappointed that it turned out to not be real. It makes me happy that the person who did it came out and said so. Have to say I was leaning on it being real. You did a great edit job and put a lot of thought into what you were making, also your voice acting was on point man! And for that I commend you for your creativity, passion and love for Kingdom Hearts! You did a good job! Now let's hope that you may actually be right about that release date. I think the game will come out Winter 2016 anyway!
  3. How long do you personally want the main campaign of the game to be? And how long do you think the game will actually be?
  4. I would really like for them to come back! I love Drive Forms too! The ones I would most like to return would be Valor Form, as Well as Master Form. I hope we can also get a lot of new Drive forms as well!
  5. I've only read bits and pieces of the magna. So I wanted to know is the magna more dark and maybe have more mature things then say the games.
  6. I'd like to! Although! I might not be the best im sure I could become good with time. I've always valued this place its special with so many wonderful people who love a common wonderful thing. It deserves to be well kept and maintained! So yes! It would be awesome to me to be a staff memeber. It's kinda like giving back for something that has always helped keep me updated with my one of my favorite things and always helped cheer me up!
  7. YES please yes!!! That way I can have 1.5, 2.5 and 3 All on one console!!! My favorite franchise of all time bundled together in glorious HD please square please. And I have a 3ds for DDD so we are golden, square please.!!! Take my money
  8. Yes I do beleive so. He was 16 in dream drop distance when he wasn't in the realm of sleep. Since kh3 happens immediately after 3D Sora should still be 16. (:
  9. If you were to go to the kingdom hearts universe. Do you think you would wield a keyblade? If so how how would you obtain it, and what do you think it would look like? What would you use it for?
  10. Hashinoto said we would be surprised, what better way to surprise Us by telling us It won't be there and then it appears. Leave us in the dark like last year. Probably not likely not I've just got this feeling. I hope. Square enix are just being trolls like the trailer last year when they said they had nothing to share in the trailer and look what happened.
  11. I know KH3 isn't confirmed for e3 but if it does will it more likely be at sony or microsofts press conference. My bet is on sony since they showed it off last year. But what are the chances for Microsoft, let me know what you guys think.
  12. Aink with all if his experience and abbilitys and tools from each game.
  13. Sora has all his drive forms, summons, abbilitys at his disposal, vs link who has all of his weapons and magic etc. they have no prep morals are off. It's a fight to the death or KO who wins and why?
  14. I want the best featured mechanics of all the games prior to kh3 to be implemented. I want a beautiful soundtrack and music that will make my ears fall off. I want fresh new ideas and gameplay aspects. The graphics to be even more beatiful. I want the seven gurdians of light to be playable. I want to see the characters get a happy ending and fight their respective enemies. And come together to fight master xeahnort.. I want sora to have new clothing and I want to see the characters and storyline mature. Such as sora and kari kiss become a couple, roxas and namine. Not gore,profanity no but just a pure maturity and growth for the characters. As long as I get to one on one fight master xeahnort with the x-blade on a mountain in the keyblade graveyard as sora with kingdom hearts above us with a awesome. Final boss theme I will die of happiness.
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