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  1. Sora's theme, really cheesy expected something better for the main character and all orginal atlantica songs you had to perform in that awful world
  2. Axel/Roxas 24 with 14 year old yeah thats kinda weird
  3. That's just mean. Just continue being the girl's friend. You never know if she might come around. Just because you're in the friendzone with someone doesn't mean you're obligated to be a lamp. Just see other girls.
  4. Look man, you gotta learn to be by yourself before you can be with someone else. If you can be happy when you're alone then you're ready to be in a relationship. After, just be yourself around the ladies. If someone just wants to be friends, go ahead and be friends and move on. Don't complain that you're in the friendzone 'cause that's a turn off and it will ruin any chance you had with the females.
  5. I'm surprised that no one has yet notice the He's a Pirate theme has been upgraded.
  6. She can handle a couple of balls....of light and darkness that is.
  7. Also, don't worry about relationships. They may or may not happen while at college. If you end up in one be careful they can distract you. Unless you're good at balance at work and play.
  8. Financial: You need scholarships. A lot of them. I wouldn't recommend student loans because I heard they're an ass to pay off. Having a job will help pay for smaller stuff some books, paper and pens. Materials: Labtop, books and syllabus will be your best friend. Write with pens always if you use paper. Professors: You need to research on which professor will teach you. Some are shitty but can teach very well and some are nice, but can't teach. Some won't lecture and send you home to read this and that page. Others will only lecture and give you quiz on materials that can be only found in the book. Management/Time: You'll have a class about this no matter what major you want. You need to learn to be responsible for your time basically. Plus, whip yourself into study mode. Some professors are mean and will lock the door behind them if you are late. Tally marks are made against you if you get three tardies equal no shows. No shows or being absent three times means you will be witdrawn from that class and have to take it again. Advoid doing it will look horrible on you. Work/Class: Depending on whom is teaching you, work will range from "Oh My God, Kill Me!" to "Is this college?" Okay I'm being completely serious you will be completely stressed if you take 8 classes. Don't do it. Slow and steady will win the race take only 3 or 4 classes each semester. For your Bio Jazz, for me it was pretty easy. It seemed like a repeat of 9th grade Bio class. So you might want to break out old notes. For me atleast getting my Associates of Science. You're going to need electives that aim closer to science. Conclusion: I hoped my advice helps you. I'm very happy for you. It's good to know where you want to be in life. Also if the teacher is late give them 30mins. If not, sign a paper and put a date on top that says you were there. My stuff probably has some misspelling and incorrect grammar forgive me. I'm sleepy. AP classes looks good for Universities.
  9. Ah, thanks I had my doubts too about this.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/2ctvwi/localization_process_for_new_kingdom_hearts_video
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