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  1. HikariYami

    All worlds leaked

    I wasn’t expecting more Disney worlds. I don’t know why everyone was expecting more
  2. HikariYami

    So are you going to give donald and goofy potions?

    I will give them potions. Hopefully there is a customize option like it KHII where you can tell them to use them sparingly. If not, they will eat them up like candy.
  3. Now, I don't know much about this "Rebirth Theory" everyone is throwing ideas around. However, unless I missed it, I haven't seen one concerning the names. We all know that Kingdom Hearts symbolism lies within a lot of the names- especially with main characters Sora- Sky However the Kanji for Sora (or in Chinese is Kong) 空 has many meanings such as sky, air, void/empty. The last two translates into Latin as Ventus and Vanitas Riku- Land Kairi- Sea Kairiku- Land + Sea Aqua- Water Terra- Earth, land But the fortellers names are Invi- Possibly means to help or assist; is it a variation of envy? (Latin) Gula- Throat (Latin) Ira - Anger Aced- Skilled or expert (Latin) Ava- Grandmother. --- Ephemera means short lived, brief - Also the scientific name for the mayfly which lives an extremely short amount of time (latin) Vulpeus- fox I'm behind on this Unchained Chi stuff because of school but yeah... Y'all can continue with the theories. I will lurk.
  4. HikariYami

    What are you most worried regarding the game

    I'm worried about the story. There are so many loose ends to tie. I don't want to the game the rush through it.
  5. HikariYami

    FFXV Location Hunting

    This cannot disappoint. They put so much into it. If it is bad, they could never live it down.
  6. HikariYami

    Continuity problems in KH3 similar to KH2

    By that time Eric knew she was a mermaid though. The biggest continuity problems are the Final Fantasy ones. But, they are cameos anyway.
  7. HikariYami

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Basically Confirmed

    You can't take a joke?
  8. HikariYami

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Basically Confirmed

    No, it is not 2017 because KH3 is the limit of the KH graph. KH will infinitely approach 3 but cannot be equal to 3. KH 2.8, KH 2.9, KH 2.910, KH 2.911, etc... KHIII will never come. You all will deal.
  9. HikariYami

    Naming Will Be A Nightmare in KH3

    They probably won't be speaking or referring to each other at one time. We have pronouns. If young Xehanort and old Xehanort are talking, would they constantly addressing each other? No, because it would be understood in the conversation. Ansem and Xemnas will stay the same. Apprentice Xehanort would be Terra. Xehanort would be referring to the old man. Young Xehanort would probably have nickname that Eraqus would call him like Norto or Xeha which would be shown in a cut-scene flashback because we would have no idea who they were referring to.
  10. I already made like two threads on this. SE in the 2.5 Remix altered Roxas's face to look exactly like Sora's. Ventus's face is different from his now. The only thing similar is the hair now.
  11. HikariYami

    FFXV coming 2016

    Yes and NoPeople have opinions, but the negativity is strong for FFXV. People want to know what they can't know at the time. Instead of just being rational, they are irrational and precarious and pretentious and skeptical.But, they will be the first in line to buy the game although they talked bad about it. The logic...
  12. HikariYami

    FFXV coming 2016

    This game will never meet people's expectations. No matter what they put out, it will never be good enough. This was shown in this thread, the Dawn trailer thread, Youtube comments, other forums, etc... It is a sad relationship that the fans and SE has developed.
  13. Cause I'm a tough cookie, tough cookie, tough cookie.

    1. WakingDawn96


      Great, now I want a tough on the outside soft on the inside sugar cookie from the Great American Cookie Company!

    2. HikariYami


      They usually have a sale. Buy 2 get 3 free. I haven't had a cookie from there in a while.

  14. Nomura is notorious for not developing female characters correctly, so don't expect much. All of the female characters are flat and one dimensional, but all the characters in the series are flat except for Riku and Roxas if we are talking about real development.