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  1. I'm glad it's still in! I was getting worried that it wasn't in it anymore or was changed to something else. It feels overwhelming to have so many options of attack, so I'm kinda glad attraction flow is situational.
  2. Man, KH 2.8 has to be the best KH game I've played since KH2 in 2006. It's so much fun

  3. If so, I didn't think the Adamtoise could get any harder than in XIII But at the same time, I can't see it taking 15 hours. How are they gonna make that interesting?
  4. I can't stand Let's Plays.The people who talk during Let's Plays are so damn loud and annoying. I generally don't care about their opinion or their commentary. I just want to watch the game how it is.
  5. Behemoth! Hands down that's the one I want to fight the most in KH III. I still really want to fight the one that was shown in the KH II trailer. But I'd really love to see Hot Rod, Neoshadow, and Invisible back in KH III.
  6. Surprised to see FFVII Remake is that high since it's not coming out that soon and hasn't gotten any news for a while now. Kinda cool how World of FF is just one vote ahead of the PS4 version.
  7. So I got to thinking, as a cool thing to add to KHIII, it'd be cool if whenever Cottage or Tent is used from the menu, a cottage or tent can magically appear and a cutscene will trigger showing Sora, Donald, and Goofy getting inside and resting for a brief while. It can be similar to how FFVII and Crisis Core did it, where if you paid for a night at a hotel, then it will show a quick cutscene showing the outside of the hotel and you can hear the party members snoring. Or it can even be similar to FFXV where it shows the gang fooling around and showing how good of friends they are. It's not a major thing to add but it would be a nice addition to make the game more lively and whatnot
  8. I like it :smile: The keyblade armor does resemble Kamen Rider's designs a bit too. Too bad Gaim is over cause it was my favorite season Wizard and Drive can also work too
  9. Back in 2006 when KHII first came out and I thought a third game would be coming out on PS2 soon after. Years passed by and 2009/2010 came and I realized KHIII would be coming out on PS3. Then E3 2013 came and Square confirmed its PS4 release So it's been a while. Over 10 years now. Wow
  10. If I didn't have an essay due in 16 hours, I would so totally watch this right now cause it's 2:45 AM and I just drank coffee.
  11. Neku, Jenna, and Hope I had a hard time coming up with 3 characters, but I think these 3 sum up different personalities within myself. The thing that all these characters have in common is that they're all teenagers. Hope is 14, Neku is 15, and Jenna is 17. --I also tried making this with Photoshop but it didn't come out as hoped, so oh well~
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