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  1. https://youtu.be/qWgiDdlloQE I'd be okay with this as the KH3 opening theme.
  2. I know kingdom hearts iii is delayed until next year, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about something really special to me. I've been working on a young adult fantasy novel since last september. It's been a mission of mine ever since I played the first Kingdom Hearts, and it'll finally be releasing on paperback/kindle November 13, 2018. I wanted to write a story that paid homage to JRPGS. Remnant Soul manages to capture for me the complexity and emotional depth of a final fantasy game, but the wondrousness of a kingdom hearts game. I already have ideas for the next installment, and like Nomura, whenever I write the new story I will always think about what is coming next. Remnant soul tells the story of four friends on a mission to save the world from a dark God named Necos. In order to do this, they just collect four guardian orbs nestled deep into the four corners of the world. When they do so, they can restore power to the sapphire and have any one wish they want granted. Along the way, they meet countless new friends as Luxas unravels the uncertain history of his mysterious past. I think many people can identify with this, as we all want to learn who we are. Thankfully, his best friends give him the support he needs to keep pushing through every obstacle. I hope you guys will grab remnant soul on November 13th. I'll be posting more news and announcements until then, including a preorder site, so I warmly invite you to like the "remnant soul" facebook page and stay tuned!
  3. id say that in game files titled “FZ02 icicle A, B, C, and D, lamp, etc.” can definitely confirm it. Lol
  4. - Tai Yasue commented once that he would love to see Frozen most in the game because he took his daughter to see it, then recently said that his favorite world has yet to be revealed. - Assets revolving around names of the scenery from the Frozen world were leaked with the Monsters Inc. world - It makes sense financially to reveal the release date for the game revolving a trailer around the highest grossing Disney film of all time Thoughts?
  5. I’d say lightning since Hercules will revolve around visiting mount Olympus and the gods and she herself went to Valhalla in godly armor in XIII-2
  6. Maybe Donald and Goofy at the beginning of the Frozen world are lost with Sven!
  7. Dissidia final fantasy is a smash type game that was originally going to be a kingdom hearts spinoff
  8. Okay. I think the chances of it being there are highly increases now. Why would kingdom hearts merch be there if the game isn’t there in some shape or form?
  9. If there was a light saber keyblade I bet it would be called Saber of Light lol
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