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  1. I think it'll be a no show and we'll have to wait until Jump Festa or PS Experience.
  2. I knew a remaster would come. Sucks there is no vita version
  3. ^title. I think balance will be a problem. With all those crazy rides, shotlock etc
  4. The engine is beautiful. i'm not a fan of this whole foreteller thing but I hope it's interesting.
  5. Where are rumors for FF15 Prequel, and FFX new title coming from?
  6. That sounds awesome. A Zelda game with FF15 like graphics, *drools*. The NX could probably handle something like that.
  7. MS hasn't really been promoting KH3. So I doubt that. I think it's on Xbox One because it uses DX11 like FF15, both are SE's biggest and most anticipated games so they can spend some time porting it to the Xbox One and possibly PC.
  8. I think a cool idea would be one that shows all of the 13 seekers of darkness and 7 light heroes. Something like this With the back showing screenshots of multiple worlds
  9. Watched it. Honestly the movie was good. Nice humor, good action. But it did use some cliches, I felt like it needed for backstory/flashback for the OG Ant Man and the VIllian. Anyone else think Corey Stoll would be a great Lex Luthor
  10. I think they restarted most of the game or all of it when moving to PS4/Xbox One. Or something major happened that made it take extra time.
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