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  1. how the hell are you supposed to beat #XIII the Behemoth has 40 bars??!!
  2. Nvm. I found out the problem I had the second wakka equipped to another keyblade. I got them fused now. Thanks
  3. I need to have a question answered about guilting. I have a 6 star Lv. 100 15% guilted Wakka. I wanted to re-guilt so a made another 6 star wakka Lv 1 wakka. But whenever I try to fuse them, it won't let me do it
  4. any info for PAX West? i literally live in the city and i always miss information about it all the time.
  5. is it in any way possible at all to get any event medals from expired events? i had to make a new account due to messing up certain things on it and am now on mission 101, but is it possible to get certain medals again? for example KH2.8 Aqua, KH3D Riku and Sora, etc.? i would really prefer having them back
  6. is it possible to start completely over from the beginning? im on mission 310 and i realized i messed up big time. i was not aware that you were not supposed to sell your medals that weren't moogles and now i have crap medals. also, i just figured out what the power bangle and guilting does. is it possible to start over but keep the same account? also i have invested about $50 (real) and if i do start over, do i get my medals that i bought back or are they one and done?
  7. did anyone else get 3000 medals from after the update? i checked my KHUX account and when i logged in i got 3000 free medals for "trying the update 1.10"
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