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  1. No Sephiroth. No Critical mode (or any difficulty) trophies. No secret story boss. What. The. Hell.
  2. Not likely. Nomura said in interview today that MoM would not appear in KH3. Also we know that the final battle of KH3 will be Xehanort. However I think Nomura is setting us up for whats to come after KH3. We already know that the story will go on as Sora being the protagonist. So the next chapter after the Xehanort saga could continue with the MoM as the villain.
  3. Back Cover first most definitely! 0.2 can wait. I can't wait to learn all the secrets of the MoM and Luxu. Also I need to know WHAT'S IN THE BOX
  4. Data Luxord. The final mini game sucks and I could never figure out how to get the DM skip. However with 2.5 Data Xemnas is also terrible because of the reaction command glitch.
  5. I don't see this on the North American store. Also I hope they announce a Collectors Edition soon because I am so getting one if they do!
  6. Master Xehanort said the key blade war was fought over the x-blade right? I didn't see any mention of this in Chi. What do you all think is going on here? Was MX wrong about why the keyblade war was fought?
  7. I bought a used GBA in order to play it back in 2007. Vexen II was even harder on the GBA! It took me at least a week and 100 deaths until I finally beat him. When the PS2 remake came out I felt the battle was a bit easier.
  8. I followed this strategy but had to do 2 Adamantite quests before the boss showed up. 57 x2, 10, then Adamantite x2. I haven't tried since but this was my first experience.
  9. Thanks for the guide! I'm currently working on trying to fit my 4th 6-star medal to my keyblade! I have 3 now.
  10. I have been doing this strat with treasure trove and getting 1.1-1.2 k lux every time. Why do you say to not use this keyblade?
  11. still room i think. post your stats on the front page article. we are currently ranked in top 40
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