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  1. Nomura said that the mobile portal (same one used to play the classic kingdom minigames) have many different functions. So Sora basically has a smartphone now.
  2. I hope that we get too see his shiny bald head on the third trailer (hopefully at Sony's conference).
  3. Xehanort stole his powers such as cold resistance.
  4. BH6 was the last chosen world, so it will probably be the last one shown.
  5. Not good, not bad. Kinda like Dark Pit.
  6. Every member will have a keyblade because of Xehanort's heart. It will be a KEYBLADE War afterall.
  7. Fantasia world like DDD with only instrumental music, no singing please.
  8. I don't think Shibuya will be in KHIII since San Fransokyo looks kinda similar. Maybe the TWEWY characters will be stranded at SF and Sora will have to help them find a portal back to Shibuya as a sidequest.
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