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  1. Mysterious Figure

    What Is Your Favorite Chain Of Memories Sleight?

    Definitely Wild Crush, its a crime that it's not in any of the other games.
  2. It truly is the KH3 theme song
  3. Mysterious Figure

    What are your thoughts on KH's current story direction?

    I've learned to embrace all the craziness, go ahead Nomura, take it to 100, just so long as the end result is awesome.
  4. Mysterious Figure

    What do you want from a new version of Nintendo Switch?

    This news hurts me, not because I already have a Switch but becuase now I'm between getting a Switch and Smash bros at launch and waiting for this new version.
  5. Aqua's glider doubles as a Bow which shoots light arrows, the fact that she never used that more often was a real shame. I hopefully she'll use it at some point in KH3. Also things are always cut, its just the nature of development, I'm sure every developer has some kind cut content in every game
  6. I feel like most of the games I want jave already been rereleased on PS4 in some form.
  7. Mysterious Figure

    With all due respect Master Xehanort but...

    Vexen makes sense, he'll do anything for science, don't know how Demyx got in there though
  8. Mysterious Figure

    Kingdom Hearts III box art revealed

    The numbers also aren't in the right order and now that I've noticed that it will eternally bug me Seriously, awesome boxart though, pretty much confirms Xion and Namine return too in case there was any doubt
  9. Mysterious Figure

    Anyone else bothered by lack of game info?

    I get your point but I'm think what we know is enough, for me at least. I just don't think we need to know every game mechanic before launch, we know how combat works and that's enough since that's most of the game, save the rest for us to find out once its in our hands
  10. KH3 of course, but I'm gonna give Judge Eyes a vote just because listening to the translator struggling to keep up was hilarious
  11. I wonder what key information this canon VR exclusive game will have.
  12. Mysterious Figure

    Who's the most likely member to betray the new Organization?

    You know it really bother's me that in DDD Xemnas said they let Sora defeat the original Organisation members for "weakness of trust" then they decide to re-recruit Marluxia, Larxene and Saix who all made plans against Xemnas while completely skipping over the more loyal members like Vexen and Xaldin
  13. I've got to say the way Nomura decided to spell 'Extras' as 'X3' is almost as convoluted as the plot of KH
  14. Mysterious Figure

    nintendo direct 6th setptember

    Nintendo just had two directs for indies so I don't think you have to worry about that I'm hoping for anything Smash and Persona Q2 for west confirmation, maybe something more on the new Fire Emblem too. Show me any of those 3 things and I'll be satisfied
  15. Really? That's the first I've heard of it that's pretty awesome. I wonder if transformations are tied to the levels e.g. upgrade the keyblade once to unlock the first keyblade transformation, upgrade it a second time to unlock the second.