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  1. KH13 username: King Arthur Showdown Username: Itsalsoagun Timezone: Est
  2. most likely the DLC has not been made public on PSN yet and will likely be unavailable until release.
  3. Cool I got it right, my favorite back in the day was the falcon lv. 6 because of the cool wing set up that make it look more like a catamaran speed boat
  4. I was at most expecting the damn Ps4 pro version as an "exclusive trailer" and even then we didn't get that. I mean how exclusive was this content that it pertains to Amazon almost on a minimal level. I was thinking, this is a stream by a company which sells things, who better to announce a ps4 pro bundle of kh3 I mean that isn't that big of an announcement, but it would've been big enough to give a real reason to check into the stream. I think some were expecting way too much but even those who weren't expecting much had their expectations way too high.
  5. I bet Sora and her really get an emotional scene together in KH 3. Remember that shot of just the two of them on Destiny Islands. I'm betting thats at the end of the game after they saved the world, they look back on their relationship and finally have their Disney prince and princess ending. She likely has more scenes then usual which is why it was more fun.
  6. I think its going to be the PS4 pro, and I think its going to sell out within maybe a day or two and will likely cost at most 450-500 dollars.
  7. I think that if any new FF character appears in Olympus Coliseum(Or just Olympus now as its called in KH3) it would HAVE to be Lightning from FF13 because she would be the perfect fit for a sort of champion to the Gods like she was in FF13-2 it would be a perfect person to encounter as well as make the second party member for Olympus Coliseum. What if they just haven't shown her off yet because she joins the party late in the story of Olympus Coliseum. Overall she is my #1 pick for who is the new ff character to appear there.
  8. This picture kind of encapsulates the tone I think KH3 is going to go with.
  9. You right ITzDarthLordRevan. The mission count is 93. However, I guess this is ignoring the challenge missions since those are just the regular missions but harder.
  10. Hey so I was thinking today about birth by sleep and suddenly I remembered how you actually got to control the keyblade gliders in just 3 instances in the whole game and they were only on the Stich world and for racing. Does anyone else think the keyblade gliders were actually a cut idea from the game? Since it was moved to the PSP from the PS2 because square thought it would be too late to release that game onto the PS2 life cycle and not good looking enough to release on the PS3. I know that's why Ventus, Aqua, and Terra don't have Capes in BBS since they couldn't program it on the PSP software. What else do you think they might have scraped when moving between consoles?
  11. I'm more upset over the fact that I really like Panettiere voice for Kairi because to me Stoner voice for her at 0.2 was just not what Kairi sounds like. And it kind of sounds like she's doing it the same way in KH 3. Kairi has always had a deeper sounding voice since KH 2, but for some reason, Stoner trying to do a higher sounding voice for Kairi, and I just don't like it.
  12. I'm really pissed they get back the other 2 of the main trio but they don't even ask the original voice actress to come back. I mean I get it she hasn't done the voice since 3D but you don't get her for what will likely be her last time playing the character forever. Low blow by Square to say the least.
  13. I am very happy No yea is not a fan of the season pass model because I think he's seen what has happened to final fantasy 15 because of it. You have a game that wasn't finished that had a lot of content missing, that was slowly patched and worked on to make it feel like a full package, instead of being complete on release like Nomura seemingly wants to do with kh 3. Here's hoping he's a man of his word.
  14. I go with my family every year. at least when nothing gets in the way.
  15. To be honest, I liked Obidiah from the first Iron Man, for the most part, he was a villain that didn't want to get his own hands dirty and only did so when absolutely necessary. He was caniving, and was basically the reason Tony became Ironman, he was human just like tony, so to really get to tony all he had to do was bide his time, and when Pepper found out what he was doing behind the companies back, he had no choice but to kill Tony and use the suit he constructed from Tony's original design. Overall he was pretty much defeated by Tony's own understanding of the technology behind the suit.
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