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  1. Well i bought the collectors edition of kingdom hearts 2.5 and i feel pretty happy cause ill finally be able to play all the games, buuuuut the 2 hd remixs games are for ps3 and i kinda don't have a ps3 (360 ftw) soooo yea, i have a ps4 though. (if only backwards compatibility was a thing). Any easy ways of obtaining a ps3? Already tried holding up gamestop with a pair of scissors but for some reason it didn't work.
  2. Do you guys think that the collectors edition of kingdom hearts 2.5 will last a week with its "limited quantities"? The story behind this question is that i really want to buy the collector's edition but i dont get paid until a week from now, i worry thathe "limited quantities" might be REALLY limited and in a week they'll run out of stock for it. Am i getting worrying over nothing? or am i in trouble?
  3. In the KH3D scene(Now in 2.5) where they show Axel and some of the other organization members waking up in the castle, some of those members being Even(Vexen) and Ienzo(Zexion). They both died thanks to Axel one way or another, so did they just let that go? or do they not remember that? I would think if they do remember then they would be mad at Lea right? What do you guys think?
  4. I was hoping he would ask for kh 1.5 on ps4 not xbox 360 -_- porting it on the ps4 would be the biggest reason for me to get a ps4
  5. I would lie and say im not disappointed that i didn't win but... I am! xD

    1. Gamerazor247


      I'm secretly Pissed, but Xoncron won soooo...

  6. Might of given up on posting for that contest xD it took too much of my day. Hopefully i still win with my 2 tickets :D

    1. Kodakliv


      I agree! I got my one ticket In there as long as I have a chance to win I don't care :)

    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      I just shared on FB so I have a chance at least.

  7. I can easily imagine lightning in kingdom hearts, An amazing boss fight that would be
  8. Come on guys capes actually might be harder than you think. making them flop around while the person is moving and when the wind picks up, so we really dont know how hard it really is...
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