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  1. This is not another Darkside that grabs Ventus, it's Chernabog! You can clearly see wing-shaped shadows, his hand looks different from a Darkside's and you can even make out his horns and ears!
  2. If he does, I don't think he will be a major character. I love the film 'A Goofy Movie' but it isn't very interesting enviroment to play in. Hopefully he'll have a few lines, something like Huey Dewey and Louie
  3. If that would be the case, wouldn't Tidus, Wakka and Selphie be dead as well? (They're not, so I think she's alive, Sora just doesn't give a crap about dinner, or any food that isn't seasalt icecream)
  4. I don't think so, there has always been a disturbing lack of parents in Kingdom Hearts. I never heard Sora talk about his parents either, it seems all he cares about are his friends. Seeing friendship is one of the main themes in Kingdom Hearts, I can respect that. But not a single Kingdom Hearts character has another family member. There alsways is that father-like figure or that brother-like friendship in Kingdom Hearts, but no one actually has a little bro or sis
  5. I just googled: 'Kingdom Hearts news'
  6. Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to temporarily reduce your stats as well? Like as soon as the game gets too easy, you just go back a few levels. It would make most of the boss fights a lot more interesting. I think it would be a great expansion on the 'Zero EXP' abillity
  7. There has always been a disturbing lack of parents in the KH series :huh:
  8. I live in the Netherlands, will this affect my chances of being picked?
  9. Rules: -Pixar movies allowed -Also non-animated Disney movies allowed (remember though, enviroment must be interesting to play in) -No Marvel or Starwars worlds (I estimate the chance of Disney actually allowing Square Enix to proces these franchises around 0.0001%) -Your motivation behind your picks is fun to share but it is not obligatory -Picks must be based on: Enviroment (enjoyable) Originality Characters (npc's, allies, bosses) Probability (keep it real) Here's a list of Disney Movies to help you get started: http://www.disneymovieslist.com/disney-movies.asp And a list of all previous KH worlds: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Worlds_in_the_Kingdom_Hearts_series My top 5: 5. Wreck-It-Ralph An excellent world for minigames! I love Hudred Acre Wood but I'm getting a bit tired of those far-fetched Pooh games. 4. Treasure Planet Very vivid enviroment, one of my favourite Disney movies. Has many places to visit and is very original. 3. Land of Departure After converting Castle Oblivion, we might restore this world. The world needs to be somewhat larger than it was in Birth by Sleep in order to keep interesting. Perhaps put something like the cave of remembrance in it, making it possible to fight against Remnants. Or maybe make it a meeting place for online gameplay. 2. Tangled/Frozen I put these two together because they were animated the exact same way so it's not very probable that both of them will make an appearance in KH3. Both of them have beautiful enviroments, and though I liked the movie Tangled better, I think Frozen will be just a bit more playable (Sora fighting Elsa's icegiant, sleighing down the hills or ...building a snowman I dunno). 1. High School Musical (lol jk scroll further :ph34r: ) 1. Fantasia 2000 People who have seen this movie will agree, Sora vs. Firebird would be AWESOME! I loved fighting Chernabog and he proved to be an epic boss. So epic that he made his return in Dream Drop Distance. I haven't played KH 3D yet, but the Fantasia world is one of the main things that really makes me want to! Also, the music in the KH franchise has always been of superb quality, so picking the sequal of the most musical Disney movie ever made would be a very good choice!
  10. Young Xehanort talking to a young Eraqus, but under which Master did they train? Also, there's still the mystery of Sora obtaining Eraqus's keyblade on Destiny Islands in the first trailer... Lotsa holes to fill
  11. My name is Sneurfje, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Holland. I've been a Kingdom Hearts fan for about eight years now. I started with KH1, now I've played every title except for Dream Drop Distance, I refuse to buy a 3DS for this. (Already bought a PSP just for Birth by Sleep, now that game is being re-released on the PS3 so now I'm hoping the same thing will happen on the PS4.) Unfortunately, there are only a few KH fans I know personally, so whenever I feel the urge to talk about KH I visit the KH13 forum.
  12. I wouldn't care too much if they'd change the outfits. Though it would be cool if they would enable changing outfits back later on in the game (I'd love to take Vampire Sora to diffrent worlds, and I guess a more impressive Halloween outfit for Riku would be cool as well but I doubt a 'the Nightmare before Christmas' world will reappear in KH III)
  13. If there will be DLC available for KH III, I hope it will contain only cosmetics for online mode or something similair. It would be kind of a rip-off forcing someone to pay in order to unlock stronger keyblades, extra worlds or playable characters. I would be willing to spend all my cash in order to play like Xion or Roxas. I hope Square Enix isn't going to exploid that fact :unsure:.
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