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  1. I always love comparing these two iconic scenes!! If only they could've keep the cape :[
  2. I never thought my first entry in the forum would get this many answers, thanks a lot guys!
  3. 1. Why does everyone want this? ALL playable? No one takes into account the space it'd take up 2. Might be too much characters or models to fit into one area, but who knows. If possible, that would be awesome 3. That or better forms 4. mmmmm Depends which summons 5. Sora "will always be the hero"... so don't see that happening, plus, why would you want sora to go?
  4. Difficulty levels? and yeah that it true, but i did love the flow of KH2 Yeah hopefully they wont! You werent part of his story > That would just be... out there haha
  5. It is a while from now, but aside from making us wait for long times at a time, has Nomura ever let you down? If Sora met NOCTIS it would be epic
  6. You mean each character being as unique as possible? How about Atlantica in Re:Chain of Memories? You fought like you would in every other world, but not stupid musical single haha Tidus and Wakka only if they're grown up, Tifa if she's not as useless as in KH2, Aqua/Ven/Roxas etc. being saved is pretty much inevitable, i liked the forms they used in BbS i feel theyre a good substitute to drive forms, haven't watched robin hood so no opinion, and I'd be ok with Atlantica so long as there is NO singing My ribs!
  7. That would actually be an interesting one Then I'd feel like I'm playing a Lego game haha and yeah that'd be cool but you'd need to have MAJOR skills in art and creativity!
  8. Yeah I think youre right, I remember looking up videos of that fight for Final Mix, and I usually saw people using that formI mean I'd imagine they would want to include them this time around, the only reason they took them off the psp versions is because of lagging issues from the psp, I don't think they'd be an issue for the ps3 would they?
  9. How would it fit in the screen?? lol and well in pride lands you can skip the first time around but to continue on in the story you'd have to go, beat the first run, and immediately beat the second. And well that's why I've said I like worlds like mirage arena, maybe even unlockable worlds or DLC, extra game distractions can be featured in the worlds but why would they have useless worlds just for the sake of having them? Imagine beings able to build keyblades the way they used to let us build Gummi Ships haha
  10. Agree, disagree, (dis.), (dis.), BIG AGREE, ehh i can see it?, next four inevitable, yes, yes, maybe, sure, sure, nope, nope, wahhh?, definitely, yes, mehh, yes, nope, yes, YES, agree, agree, inevitable, maybe, mehh, wha?, maybe, yes, and of course I am not doing this again haha im fine with revamped item shops so long as they dont make the game too easy, i feel materia should stay in ff7 (unless they make ff7 world, or only in hollow bastion), aeris only needs one death!!, spirited away seems more like next-saga, i dont like the idea of too many characters (with all of everyones wishes of customization etc. itd be too much) Wow i had completely forgotten about those! Haha you want them replaced with the gliders? The co-op of sora/riku/kairi, do you mean over wifi? You're really a fan of chrono trigger arent you? lol agree, sure, i could do lion king again not sure about agrabah ._., sometimes i think maybe their heartlesses just werent beaten, awesome, a lot of people want darkness to affect sora personally i think it shouldnt happen, but arent they all necessary? axel basically died on screen, id just like the see the old worlds in kh3 graphics!, i actually agree to that, lol, isn't terra's a hotel, too?, tag your porn sheesh ._. lmao jk It was 100% irrelevant in KH2, you literally can pass the game without going there At least in KH1 they alluded to past keyblade wielders who brought distraction, so it served a purpose in that game, in KH2 it was just there, being annoying!
  11. Same here! Birth by Sleep is my favorite, so bigger screen is a big YUP! I hear ya on that one
  12. I cant stess how much I wished i could play kh2fm when it first came out, and yeah playing bbs on a console is gonna be epic, i just wish they couldve done the same with FF Dissidia! And im gonna go ahead and guess the release dat is gonna be around a year after 1.5 came out in japan
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