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  1. Man i haven't been on in forever

  2. Riku's death would shock me and i would sit thee and then slowly cry anyway i think the most possible character to die will be Terra probably saving someones life and earning his redemption.
  3. Second sons story goes by pretty fast but all in all its a pretty satisfying game.
  4. Im for all of the world except for the princess and the frog which i would replace with a wreck it Ralph world and no lightning either.
  5. Maybe right as the Xblade is forged braig will kill xehanort and take it for himself.
  6. first console was the snes and my first handheld was the gameboy color. Man back when almost every game was still two dimensional (those were dark days )
  7. Its sad to see how desperate Microsoft is getting maybe if they made consoles that don't ruin your games when you move them people would buy their systems.
  8. Happy birthday kingdom hearts.

  9. Im gonna be getting mine in June or July depending on my money situation.
  10. The ones I've finished are ff4, both Dissidias, crisis core, ffx , ffx2. I'm almost done with ff13 (slacked of alot with it), ff7 off psn, in the middle of ff3 on ds.
  11. ive bought afew but im gonna buy lightning returns, ffx and x2, kh2.5, watch dogs and inFAMOUS: second son
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