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  1. I'm sorry, I'll edit everything I can, I didn't remember well.However have we ever seen the first kind of Kingdom Hearts, the one made by worlds' hearts? Because it was a door (I think it was the door to the realm of darkness, which leads to Kingdom Hearts too) and not the big heart of light like the other two we have seen.
  2. I've read the Ultimania entry about this kind of Kh (the one we have seen in KHI) and I've a doubt about. I've understood that the door to the darkness lead to the realm of darkness (obviously) AND to the Kingdom Hearts. Does this mean that this Kh is located in the RoD?Please help me.
  3. Oh come on... I want this book but I can't read it ç_çWait, have we ever seen the Kingdom of Hearts (the one created by collecting worlds' hearts)?If the door to the darkness leads to the Kingdom Hearts AND the Realm of Darkness... is KH in the RoD?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrIlKkMkHBUOMG guys listen to this
  5. Well, misterious guy don't be scared if you are. If you are seeing this post you can join the conversation.
  6. You were supposed to not showing it. lol Now he has to change name. He is "kown" now.
  7. Monstro a.k.a. "How to make an entire chapter with the same room copied and pasted".
  8. 1. Isn't a new "monster" better? I mean, I don't need more Darksides before KH1 and CoM. 2. Is the world you mean the KGraveyard? If so, I don't know... every KH world has his own style and I think it's a good thing. 3. Yeah, I would like that. But if it is the same meaningless boss with no background... no, thanks. 4. It's possible. But I think that the fight against MX will be a 1vs1 or 3vs1 (Kairi, Sora and Riku against Master Xehanort). 5. I don't like the idea to fight the last battle in the dark... I would prefer Kingdom Hearts as battleground.
  9. Sora it's not like the typical protagonist Nomura creates for his stories (or in general, like the other Final Fantasy protagonists).He's an happy guy, even if he has to fight every day against corrupted heart monsters. I like Sora and I like play as him.
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