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  1. Damn, It's been a while since I used this account xD I've been lurking but only recently logged in :P Good to see you all again!

  2. Will D23 be streamed anywhere ?

  3. Its hard to choose but im gonna go with kairi, shes cute and since sora doesnt seem he wants to make a move, i dont mind taking a chance lol
  4. I hope so !!!! i love TWEWY characters and i would love to see them again. All in thier sexy unreal renders also its a good way for us to see the characters as we may never get another TWEWY game again ;-; ( i hope im wrong and we get a new one now lol) AND a promise is a promise between sora and neku
  5. any release date on this ? i would gladly import this (if ps4 isnt region locked )
  6. i wanna say ff:xiv and tomb raider cuz i love them both
  7. Basically this and call them after i am done having my fun so i can have EVEN MORE fun
  8. I recently platinumed this game the game is really fun but very grindy to get the plat trophy. Other than that, a great buy for any ratchet and clank fan
  9. Anyone know when we will get more KH3 news or updates ?

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    2. Emrys


      look here... ive been a square enix fan (or rather I was) for a long time and what ive learned is: square says a lot of things, they also promise a lot of things. they also almost never come trough on what they promise and they don't care for their fanbase but only the money.

    3. Philip Ellwell

      Philip Ellwell

      2525 at the latest

    4. FlipMode


      Well, they did recently confirm that it definitely will not be releasing this year, if that's classified as "news"


  10. Super mario 3d world bundle, it comes with nintendo land and mario 3d world so you get 2 games with your console
  11. ive finished high school now im looking for work to get into college
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