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  1. Resident Evil: Vendetta is the one that's animated right? That one, I'm looking forward to see Chris and Leon kick some ass, over-the-top cheesy Capcom style.
  2. I may a having slight obsession with organizing things in a proper order, but I noticed that the SRK trio isn't aligned together like the TAV and MDG trios are. Like, Riku's away from Sora and Kairi and is squeezed in between MDG and TAV.
  3. Wait, you're telling me that those aren't the actual outfits for Kairi and Riku? Well, in that case, I hope Kairi's new outfit is colored purple. Also hoping the ears stay on her hood.
  4. Well, see what happens. Anyways if your PC was built rather than pre-made, then you can probably get better parts in the future, yeah? That's always a possibility.
  5. If you have a low-end PC, it would. But for that kind of situation, you'd have to set your graphics to Low for the highest possible framerate.
  6. Set the Render Scale to 100x. It should be in the options with the rest of the graphical video settings.
  7. Yep pretty much. But personally, I do admit it for his KH3 outfit (albeit creepily I suppose)... he looks pretty hot.
  8. That dude's clearly a hater. The thing is is that everything that he spoke of is merely an opinion, albeit immature. They aren't exactly factual. And of course, there's going to be people that won't like something. After all, not everyone can be satisfied by that one exact thing. Anyways, Kingdom Hearts is a popular franchise since the majority that know it like and enjoy the living heck out of it. If the majority didn't like it, it wouldn't be so big in the first place. But it is though because a lot of people do love this series.
  9. [VIDEO] [/VIDEO] [VIDEO] [/VIDEO] More Sombra trailers here.
  10. Yup^. Besides, in terms of looks and aesthetics, Kingdom Hearts ain't exactly the most serious. Plus despite not seeing everything, I also like Kairi's outfit. She looks fun, childish, and cutesy like Sora. We need a female protagonist like that in this game.
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