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  1. I guess that helps explain how we only had a few Disney bosses this time. In a game series of KH, I don’t buy any excuse for any Disney villain not to be fought at any point but hey that’s just my preference.
  2. Upon reflection....maybe he’s be like Clayton. Too weak hearted to control the Heartless and used by them instead. I say this given how fast he went mad in the actual anime.
  3. Sora to call Davy Jones out for using Heartless and Jones retorting “I’ll show you the true meaning of heartless!”
  4. ...is it me or...did it just feel ‘there’. Like literally it didn’t do anything to further the plot. It really felt like a last minute addition. . a lot more text bubble conversations. . Donald and Goofy not having a line of dialogue in the cutscenes . Oogie..I dunno, if he’s already part of Malefcient’s group, shouldn’t he already have some level of control of the Heartless?
  5. Oh yeah those ones I know, I’m just curious if we get a bit more given how many bosses seem to be in each world .
  6. Are how many Disney bosses there are in each Disney world. like I don’t think Tangled is gonna have any or Frozen.
  7. Boss wise; maybe a Clayton styled boss with Light having a styche with a shinigami like Heartless that kills light after it’s beaten.
  8. Honestly I can see the shinigami having a dislike for the Heartless somewhat, seeing them take away “their rightful kills”
  9. Ryuk could just easily find it all amusing, serving as a trickster mentor on the darknesss.
  10. You could argue Light has a strong will. I mean Pete’s been Maleficent’s general for years and he’s not exactly that powerful. Neither was Hook, to be fair. Frollo even manged to control Dream Eaters and he’s just a fragile old man.
  11. Yeah I get that but wouldn’t I be more fitting coming from a charafter who actually had reason to say it like Riku and not someone whose been a damsel like twice already and didn’t even fight before?
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