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  1. Another edit with a Dark Aura effect I created. Like anyone who wanted a Frollo boss fight, i too was frustrated that it didn’t happen in the Kingdom Hearts Series. Given the Heartless didn’t even appear in Dream Drop Distance, it wouldn’t have happened either way. BUT this is a small fan edit of like what if Frollo became a Heartless during his last act of blasphemy. https://youtu.be/gywQlSpEwHw
  2. Thank you. I updated it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3npHtd4RZ58
  3. Let’s play a little game. Take the Disney worlds from KH3 and get rid of them. Replace them with any franchise you’d want. Doesn’t even have to be Disney. Can be anything you want. One rule; the basic storyline of each world has to remain the same. This is what I have for replacements three Worlds. Please beware that if you haven’t watched the shows talked about here, there will be spoilers. Olympus: U.A. (My Hero Academia) Setting: Season 3. The raid to save Bakugo from the League. Or just against Stain. Stain would be a good visual representation of someone who believes they’re doing good but are really just insane. A sort of stand in for Xehanort so to say. The Pure Light arc would be foreshadowed slightly with Izuku potentially being a Pure Light. In a abridged adaptation of Bakugo refusing to join the League of Villains, he would refuse to join Xigbar and the Seekers, who seek him out. He’d be seen as a dark reflection of Riku’ and fought briefly. Toy Boy: Beach City (Steven Universe Future) Plot: Connie and Greg go missing. The world is split split in two but Steven is left with the Crystal Gems and Jasper. Peridot and Lapis are Hamm and Rex. The Heartless are mistaken for Gems. Young Xehanort strongly hints that Pink knows of the Heartless, just to make Steven even more angry (keep in mind during this time, he has the pink tantrums) and test the bonds of his heart with Greg and Connie’s. Pearl acts as the cynical side of Buzz, refusing to believe the World Order stuff. Steven would be a mini boss and the final boss is in Pink’s Room, fighting a giant Pink like Heartless. Monstropolis: Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizzera. Plot: The Pizzera has been expanded and invaded by the Unversed, who use the negative emotions of the animatronics to strengthen Vanitas. Afton is Randall and is fought at the end. I haven’t really thought this one through, admittedly. Arendalle: Madoka Magicia Plot: Homura Akemi is searched for as Laxrene believes she would be a perfect Seeker. Madoka is a pure light of course. Boss of this world? Either a Heartless of Kyubey named Faust to pay homage to the old German Folk story of a man selling his soul to the devil or a Heartless from the darkness of Homura’s heart. I know this is a weird “game”, but just thought I’d share. Feel free to “play” and share your ideas.
  4. Is he close to falling to darkness in certain parts?
  5. attempt of creating a Kingdom Hearts style Dark Aura around certain characters using Adobe After Effects. I chose Bakugo here as I always felt Seasons 1-2, he was oozing in such Darkness that if he was in Kingdom Hearts...yeah, he'd use it willingly. I'm satisfied more with this version. Hope you enjoy. I do NOT own the footage, this was nearly used as a test run. My Hero Academia belongs to Funimation and was created by Kōhei Horikosh. Version 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XluEUlbsiwU Version 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgv6Fi_R_W8 Version Two is my latest update. If you'd like to see my crudest attempt, please see the Frollo Death re edit in the link below https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Scj7R53ghqi3LiHIFGzP0RAGbcEqbz-/view?usp=sharing
  6. Just a slight re-edit of the Wargoyle fight pre-cutscene. I cut out Ansem and YX so it doesn't look like the damn thing isn't waiting for them to stop talking so they can fight, a common problem in KH3 and DDD.Also swapped a few things around to give the illusion that Frollo turned into the Wargoyle. So...yeah , SORRY FOR THE REALLY BAD EFFECTS ADDED; it's meant be the darkness. this is a very rough work in progress effects wise https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Scj7R53ghqi3LiHIFGzP0RAGbcEqbz-/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. I guess that helps explain how we only had a few Disney bosses this time. In a game series of KH, I don’t buy any excuse for any Disney villain not to be fought at any point but hey that’s just my preference.
  8. Upon reflection....maybe he’s be like Clayton. Too weak hearted to control the Heartless and used by them instead. I say this given how fast he went mad in the actual anime.
  9. Sora to call Davy Jones out for using Heartless and Jones retorting “I’ll show you the true meaning of heartless!”
  10. ...is it me or...did it just feel ‘there’. Like literally it didn’t do anything to further the plot. It really felt like a last minute addition. . a lot more text bubble conversations. . Donald and Goofy not having a line of dialogue in the cutscenes . Oogie..I dunno, if he’s already part of Malefcient’s group, shouldn’t he already have some level of control of the Heartless?
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