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  1. If you guys like bullet journalling or lists for organizing your time I recommend Workflowy

    1. Caity


      If you want to check it out, here's an invite link that gets you 2x more free space: https://workflowy.com/invite/3d2cdb4d.emlx

    2. Cyber Shaman

      Cyber Shaman

      Oh my there's someone I haven't seen in such a longtime. How's it been Caity? :P

  2. I didn't think Toy Story 3 was necessary, but I did feel a dislike soon as it was clear Bo Peep wasn't returning. Now Woodys gonna toy die alone. Though like Alpha as a new saga, having seen some of the spin off offs like Toy Terror or something that followed the toys with their new owner (I've forgotten her name), I don't have much problem seeing the toys with a new owner, and for those too young to have got into Toy Story or those who are little and adore it, more is typically well received. I know I liked all the Disney sequels when I was a child, even though half the time they were garbage straight to dvd.
  3. 1. Fan Service 2. To make fans who don't unlock the secret ending think he'll be the 7th light (going by Mickey saying it'll be him, Riku, Sora and his 3 friends with one spot unfilled), when after you unlock the ending you're led to believe it's actually Kairi. 3. But mainly fan service.
  4. Through periods of no news hype is bound to drop. When there's an actual release date in sight it'd probably go back up
  5. You could say I'm replaying the others in the series considering I've played them before, but I'm working towards platinuming all the ReMIX games essentially, so while I'm replaying stuff is still new since FM. Though I've been dragging on that cause I've been playing other stuff too.
  6. I'm in Northern Ireland (so we get the choice between British ones and Irish ones), I know the names of them but not the words cause why would I bother. God Save the Queen and Land of Hope and Glory (Britain) Amhran na bhFiann (Ireland)
  7. I look forward to all animated movies because I'm actually a princess myself. Though I myself have never hated the Cars series (I even liked the Planes spin off film), though personally I don't think we needed a Toy Story 4 or a Frozen 2. 1. Disney Sequels always shit all over the greatness of the original (though considering they're not using hand drawn animation anymore the large drop in visual style probably won't be as bad) 2. Toy Story 3 kinda nicely rounded off that series (I personally didn't like it), feels like the more they push out of it it'll end up leaving a bitter taste like when a series has too many seasons Though imma see Finding Dory when it comes out here.
  8. I own the original on PSN but never played it, reckon I'll wait for the remake though, see no point clocking the first when the newer ones so soon.
  9. I live in the UK, and wish to remain part of the EU. That way I'm more freely able to get out of this country and move to another in Europe without all the hassle one has to go to to move to somewhere outside of the EU.
  10. I voted for Deep Jungle cause they lost the rights after the first game, though I think Atlantica gets more hate than it deserves. But agree with some above ones I'd like to see Wonderland again, if they utilize the new generation to make it wonderfully trippy
    1. Yuya Sakaki
    2. Veemon


      I filled it out, too, even though it said £ and I'm in the US, where I use $ instead. ›:)

    3. Shuy
  11. Hi, some of you know me, some of you don't, basically this year I'm planning on starting a business with several people for my placement year, focusing on game development but also delving into general software development, and as part of our market research for that we've created a survey with several mobile game related questions to gauge our potential audience. If you could be ever so helpful to fill this in for a better understanding of our potential market I'd be very grateful. Cheers https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/G33BLWW
  12. Resonance of Fate is one I played (drifted from it a while ago just as I got new games, no reason with the gameplay that turned me away or anything), and I enjoyed it, over the summer I'll prob get back into it, I also have some other games that are regarded as hidden gems (great but not much public response to them), however haven't got round to playing myself to comment on yet. One game I really enjoyed that tends to be disliked it Crash Bandicoot Tag Team Racing. Bored of platforming? Race. Bored of racing? You can platform! I've completed it 3 times and would happily clock it again if it was released on the PS3/4 with trophies, I thought it was an enjoyable platformer with a fun twist (I'm not saying it's brilliant but it's my fav Crash game (and aye I haven't completed Crash 1-3 yet, never had a PS1 when they came out though I have 1 I believe from the PSN store, I was annoyed with it cause I couldn't save far as I researched less I completed a bonus level. If I'm busy and have to run I don't wan to lose progress or be forced to try find a bonus level and rush it to just save))
  13. I think I may have reached my quota once, generally now I don't really browse through much of the forums as much as I did in the past to actually go and like posts cause for whatever reason the site seems to load terribly for me. I don't know why, but no matter what page I go to on it, my profile, a forum topic, the main page, it lags when loading and I always get that "Page is not responsive wait or kill" notification on every page it doesn't happen on any other site (even graphically intensive ones that are just loads of gifs) or even other forum sites using the same infrastructure that was used to create this one
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