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  1. You've earned my respect dude :]

  2. I understand your issue with spoilers, even though I am one who has no real problems with that. I'm currently really struggling. I love KH with everything I am. I played Recoded completely in japanese on an emulator before it got released in my country. Still I can't bring myself to look for more than what was already leaked of KH3. BUT! As far as I understand is this a subforum created for the purpose of discussing those leaks. So saying to ban people who leak stuff and they aren't True fans is just mean. Everyone is responsible for himself if he doesn't want to be spoiled. That's why this forum is a spoiler warning itself. As I said I really understand your issue, but I also fully understand the urge to see KH3 right now. I looked at a few pics and it's glorious. But srsly. Don't say those things. KH preaches friendship. Not hate. As a "True" Fan you should know that.
  3. Dragon Quest Monster: Joker 1 and 2 were two of my favorite DS Games. Though I liked the first one better, maybe because I can actually remember some parts of the Story. But the game was hella fun, befriending all those monster, train them, synthesize them to even better monster. It's a better Pokemon Game in my eyes. It consumes a lot of time, but I think it's worth it
  4. This kinda sounds like the Opening of KH3D. Where Micky uses this book to bring up all the Keyblade Wielders.
  5. So basically he's the reason it was reset to become FFXV? Nice to know.But that one-button thing sounds weird.
  6. I played the DS Games quite some time ago. I really liked the Story. Never got to play the 3DS one though.
  7. Exactly that. And because Nomura tries to turn it into something important for the main story.
  8. Neither do I, it's just making me extremely mad. It looks to me like the localization crew is a bunch monkeys, not smart enough to get the easiest translations right.
  9. I don't even know why it's making me so mad. It's just outrageous to me how much they're butchering their Names. Later on there'll be Attacks and other things with german names. When they firetruck those up too I'll probably quit watching the Anime.The sad thing is that they took the localized names in the Manga Fan translation too as they were revealed. It was a major downgrade, srsly. Some just don't even make sense to me anymore. Shura -> Syura. Maybe it's because english isn't my native language, but this goes far beyond my understanding of stupidity.I mean Esdese into Esdeath is kinda logical. Even if it doesn't sound that great IMO, it makes sense regarding her role in the Story.But then again, they changed Rabac into Lubbock. I... I'm going to cry now.
  10. I know that. I think everyone knows that in japan the english R and L sound the same. But this goes only for PRONOUNCIATION. That's common sense, I knew that already before I really knew what Anime/Manga was. And that's why I don't get why they localize their names in such a plain stupid way.Guy uses Water -> Oh Let's name him after an internal organ instead of the natural watercourse, whynaut.And even since Naruto we all should that sometimes the "u" is silent/spoken very quick in the Japanese language.Sasuke -> spoken SaskeSmiths -> SumisuBurat -> let's call him Bulat because simply "Brad" is waaaaay to logical.God. Damn. It.
  11. Srsly now! What in the world is wrong with those people. They called the Bad Guy "General Liver"... HE USES EFFING WATER. WHY THE HELL WOULDN'T YOU CALL HIM RIVER?!These names make me cry Y.Y
  12. Yeah, I really liked that game. Played it several times with my older sister, good memories. I'd buy a HD Version.
  13. I always play games at least twice, so I usually start with Standard. When I play it again I decide which difficulty comes next, if Standard was too easy I go with Hard and if it wasn't that easy to play I go with Easy.I also choose Easy when I'm only interested in the Story, like I did with KH2 many times.
  14. First of all: You don't have to be married to have kids. Second of all: Why did we never see Paine, Shuyin or Lenne in FFX? That's a question asked out of pure butthurt. New titles in a Series means new characters with connections to already existing characters. It's in almost every series. It's goddamn fictional dude. You don't know anything about Auron's "life", so they can add everything they want and it would still make perfect sense. He could have been a women some time in the past and we don't know about it.And also, just because he has a daughter, it doesn't mean he knows about her. And even if he did, he never had a reason to tell anyone about her. If she's really his daughter we'll only get an explanation (again) in the continuation, if there'll be one. And I'm not saying it's making it good, I'm just saying that it actually makes sense. If there'll be another Game and it's based on Eien no Daishou, I don't think it'll have many fans.
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