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  1. Hey there bud, I tried inviting you and your friend to my party, but it seems you two are already in a party. For you to be able to join my party, you two have to leave your current party first so I can send you both the invites, ya know? :3

  2. Do you still have 2 Slots free? Me and my friend would like to join
  3. Oh, I forgot to add "raise" in front of it. --> "Recent raise draw medals" I guess everything you get now from the raise draw would give you a value between 40-100%, because eh, well they're the recent ones .Once they release/replace the medals with a new set, the medals we have now will move into the normal raise draw category (20-50%).
  4. 1)Story Drops will randomly pick a value between 10-25 %Raise Draw Medals 20-50% Recent Draw Medal and old Premium ones 40-100% New Premium Medals 60-130% 2) The dots doesnt have any influence sadly.
  5. Hey could you please add more words here: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/96114-evolve-medals/?p=1803917 we don't allow one word posts as we consider it not contributing to the discussion

    1. Pingutino


      Sry about that, was in a hurry and wanted to help the OP out. :)

  6. Iceberg. Ship. And then they kiss. (Titanic)
  7. Thanks for adding! And Yeay Another One piece fan! :D

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    2. Felixx


      Cool! Ich bin ein waschechter Münchner xD

    3. Pingutino


      Wie cool! Ich war da mit Schule, Museums Touren und Zeug :D

    4. Felixx


      Das ist cool! Hat's dir gefallen? Ich war leider noch nie in Köln oder in der Gegend davon.

  8. A whole thread for me ? Really ? OMG? (T_T) this is the best thing that could happen to me on KH13 . Thank you Rob!Ok calm down pingu, calm down. Concentrate. Go go brain, give me the release date of KH3 next ! :DEdit: Oh the Ice cream! It was delicious! Can't get enough of it
  9. Here's the topic I made congratulating you: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/90760-congrats-to-kh13-user-pingutino/

    1. Pingutino


      Omg yes, I totally forgot my prediction Lol xDD

      Thanks mate :3

  10. That's sad :/Are there any news about the port of the 3rd game?
  11. Everything nice and pretty at first glance but the truth is that the pc ports have a lot of issues. The XIII ports are the crappiest ports I've seen. It took SE ages to give us customizeable resolutions for the first game.And they still didnt fix the FPS-drop issues in XIII-2 (f.e. when you enter battles). And the rain... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g4LY_GqUt8. The guy in the video uses a GTX 670. You really need some high-end equipment to run it flawlessly ( I have i7& GT740 and had a lot of problems with the performance).Steam people are still waiting for a XIII-2 fix .. it's been almost a year.
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