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  1. Just wondering if there is anyone who knows how the strength of a friend's shared medal works when viewed by other people in the party. My party as been thinking about this a lot and we considered level, friend's own keyblade boost, etc. If you have the math to know that would be nice to see as well Thank you! Edit: for KHUx
  2. :sad: yes, any tips on the starlight keyblade quest would be nice. I did go ahead and used the adamantite ore on the starlight keyblade since i figured the boosts would be nice. Click the link below to see the screen shot. http://puu.sh/pjke3/b5a8c1b25a.png This is the boosts of Starlight Keyblade +21. However it may just be my medals on the Starlight Keyblade that I'm having trouble with the quest.
  3. Sweet, I'll check it out!, I need to get that Def Boost I from the coliseum then.
  4. Agreed, it killed me in one hit, and I'm feeling a bit traumatized. I was hoping to find a good strategy on the forums to kill him so I can advance to the end. Like is there a way to kill it without continuing?
  5. Not sure if you figured this out already but Special quests can be accessed by going to Quests and then going to the second option, the top right one. There are multiple special quests that change every day: Monday: Olympia Materials Tuesday: Power EXP Medals, Power Evolve Medals (5-6 Stars, Flora), Treasure Trove Materials Wednesday: Magic EXP Medals, Magic Evolve Medals (5-6 Stars, Merryweather), Three Wishes Materials Thursday: Speed EXP Medals, Speed Evolve Medals (5-6 Stars, Fauna), Lady Luck Materials Friday: Evolve Medals (1-3 Stars, Cheshire Cat, Merlin, Fairy Godmother), Starlight materials Saturday to Sunday: Mythril Madness (Stone, Gem, Crystal), Evolve Medals (5-6, Master Yen Sid, Fantasia Mickey) Monday to Friday: Munny Medals (Moogle of all rarities) for 30 minutes periodically They take up a lot more AP but worth it to get stronger in the game
  6. So upon reaching Olympus Coliseum, we meet our favorite greek disney characters, Phil and Hercules. And we stumble upon the great hero Hercules! Wait... HERCULES!!! You're all buff and grown up and certainly not a Teenager! I suppose by the time Terra, Ventus, and Aqua walks into the coliseum, Hercules some how deaged into his teenage years? I get the impression that KHUx and KHx happens a really really long time ago before KH:BBS so I would expect that Hercules hasn't even been born yet or at least a baby. And there is the question of how old Donald, Goofy, and Mickey (and co) are. Just a little funny reaction to share
  7. So the most capacity you have the better medals you can put on. If let's say you have 40 cost capacity and you already have a total cost 30 with 3 medals, if the 4th one is +11 cost then you cannot equip that medal, is that correct?
  8. In the Avatar Boards, there are the following stats to unlock: HP (Increase max HP by 20), AP (increase max AP by 1), COST (Increase Keyblade cost capacity), and the avatar items. I was wondering what is the "Increase Keyblade cost capacity by 1" refers to?
  9. I have looking around the forums but I do apologize if this question has been asked before. I have recently joined a party and when I looked at who was in the party I saw our respective medals as this: I was curious as to how you can change the medal next to your name? Do you have to fully level up a medal? I noticed that when you enter a quest in the storyline you get to choose a friend's medal to help you and they have medals like Sora, Simba, Mickey, Riku and etc. But I'm not sure how they managed to do that. Help is much appreciated!
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