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  1. For some reason I always thought you were older than me xD

  2. Happy 8 year anni, KH13! It's been pretty awesome, and we'll keep going on our quest for KH3!
  3. Wait.. Luke Skywalker was Master Eraqus?!.... mindblown!
  4. Too early for proud mode. Some quests require 40-100% guilt, and others require the Moogle of Glory. both of these are yet to be acquired by almost 3/4th the userbase.
  5. Hey! I'm your friendly neighbourhood Swagmaster! If you want to know something about KHUX, I'm the guy to ask c: Cheers!
  6. Actually, she is not worth the 3000 jewels. There are better medals that outclass her easily, but if you go for the boards, it's an alright medal to have. There is also the possibility of guilting her, for 6k jewels, and you get one attempt at a re-roll if you don't roll a 50%.. She is a decent medal if you have no other single target speed medal, but 3000 jewels can be used for Epic Carnivals or the jewel boards with costs and such.
  7. can't lie, I just noticed this now. Haven't been as active as my og days. You will be missed, Sora.
  8. why not? I think australia can be considered under the 100 countires, right? keep in mind the app comes out midnight, same time as 2.8 aqua is gifted.
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