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  1. What do you guys think could be done with the series going forward gameplay-wise? I'm sure a lot of elements of KH3's combat have potential for becoming series staples, like having different Keyblade loadouts and/or transformations, and of course, the command menu will probably continue to be the main style of combat for numbered titles... but you guys know how Nomura likes to experiment with the in-between games and such. Much of the other games have deck-style combat, and some games like Chain of Memories and Re:coded add even more distinctions, with one having an element of strategy with its card-based system and the other dabbling in a bunch of different gameplay styles per world. I wonder what other kinds of styles Nomura might have in mind, or what have you. Personally, I could see a KH game that plays a lot like the FFVII Remake. Where it's not just one actively playable character, but multiple that you could probably switch between on the spot. Multiple Keyblade wielders, possibly with distinct movesets and attacks and such. Or even a game that makes a more profound or established use of RPG armor mechanics. Where it's kind of like Breath of the Wild, where Sora - or someone else - could put on different types of clothes, and maybe those clothes would offer different stat boosts or effects. (That'd also make for some fun character customization, going way beyond 0.2's ornament system.) Those are just some ideas off the top of my head, though. Have any of you guys given much thought to this kind of thing?
  2. While it isn't 100% confirmed/certain/without a doubt that this guy actually is a villain, I'd say that the shadiness of the Master of Masters, matched with his insanely charismatic personality make him both a delightful and a disturbing presence unlike any other in the series. He's got a certain nonchalance to his grandiose persona, and a lot of little quirks that make him just a really interesting character. Whether he's legitimately a villain, an anti-villain, or an anti-hero, he's a pretty stark contrast to all the Xehanorts. And I say that as a compliment.
  3. I didn't even think about the potential of tournament-style battles being held in another Disney world. A Wreck-It-Ralph world would definitely serve as a good backdrop for that sort of thing. That is perfectly valid, though. It would definitely be preferable if the whole system was introduced organically as opposed to being something completely optional and non-integral like the Mirage Arena was.
  4. Personally, I'm more partial to the Mirage Arena, or possibly some variation of the zodiac boss rush in 0.2. With the former, there was more variety in the stages where the battles could take place, and in the HD remaster, they even included challenge bonuses and such. And with the latter, I feel like there was a level of unpredictability to the way the gauntlet was set up? Like, while the enemies didn't change, the arenas changed. And while probably part of that consistency was due to 0.2 being a pretty small experience, I feel like there's enough room for the concept to be expanded in KH3.
  5. Okay, now that I've had a better look at the details of Riku's new Keyblade, I think I really like it. It's no Way To The Dawn, but I think that's kinda the point. Riku's grown so much, and I think his new Keyblade - as well as his new Noctis-esque design - is just another sign of his maturity as a person and as a wielder. A fitting blade for Master Riku, indeed.
  6. I was surprised at how much Back Cover made me actually care about the Foretellers. It was interesting seeing their personalities flesh out the way they did, particularly the Master of Masters, which won my vote without a second thought. He really is a character unlike anything we've ever seen in the franchise, with a profound sense of wisdom, a very eccentric sort of ego, and a delightfully morbid sense of humor. Excellent voice work by Ray Chase, for sure. Luxu gets a special mention as well, if only for the way he interacts with the Master in this film. I wasn't exactly sure what to make of him when he first showed up in X, but now I can't help but feel for him. (Not exactly sure what I feel, but I feel.) Like, he really doesn't seem like a bad guy... at all. There's more weight to the idea of the Master being a bad guy - cryptic messages, an off-kilter sort of cadence, a crazy leitmotif, the fact that he essentially carved out his own eye and forged it into the Keyblade that would become Xehanort's, etc. - than the idea of Luxu being one. But still, there's so much mystery surrounding the two of them that I can't help but wonder when or if we'll at least learn about them in KHIII, since neither are confirmed to make an appearance.
  7. Never thought I'd see the day when outfit customization would become a thing in a main KH game. This makes me hopeful to the possibility of Sora's outfit being customizable in KH3.
  8. Definitely not. I really think that there's a lot of mystery in regards to the Master of Masters for that very reason. I imagine that if there isn't much more information divulged within X, Unchained X, or Kingdom Hearts III? Then yeah, he's probably the next big bad for the series. It's a little too early to tell, though.
  9. Very impressive. I think every new arrangement is better than the one that comes before it. You earned yourself another sub, buddy. Keep up the good work!
  10. While my current favorite plot twist was the reveal of Castle Oblivion essentially being the reconstruction of the Land of Departure, I feel like the Master of Masters is going to top that come December. We know he's the guy in the black coat, but aside from that there's not much else known except that he apparently has an eccentric sort of personality and is kind of quirky. I'm curious to learn more about him, and I feel like he's definitely a plot twist just waiting to be unraveled.
  11. Nicely done, and very well said. I would certainly be on board with Kingdom Hearts III being a hybrid of of KH1's RPG elements and KH2's flashy combat elements. Based on what little we've seen, it certainly seems like we're heading in that direction, which is very exciting.
  12. Vaan in a Treasure Planet world. Let me add that to the list of things I never knew I wanted. Really, any of the sky pirates from FFXII could work well in that world, particularly Vaan and Balthier.
  13. The Big Hero 6 world will probably be as close to a Marvel world as we'll ever get in a KH game. And I would be completely okay with that.
  14. I kinda doubt it? But if it did make a comeback, it'd be interesting to see how the layout would change. It can't just be the exact same maps as the first game, because this time different worlds are at stake, and the threat of the darkness is arguably a lot bigger than it was the first time around, so... I don't know. It might, it might not. It would certainly make for an interesting twist.
  15. I agree with a lot of these points. If I were to add one to the list it'd be Data Luxord. The original fight is kind of a cakewalk, and I understand that if they didn't make this change, then the data version would also be a cakewalk, but when Luxord does his desperation move and forces Sora to that little card game that requires you to press the right commands at the exact right time? It's absolutely absurd how difficult that boss is, just based on that one little gimmick.
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