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  1. Im not saying Luxu is a nobody but ive had similar ideas, but you have to remember the importance of the Organization XIII's "X's" it has been stated that Xemnas made the X in their names important because of the Recusant's Sigil, which stems from Master Xehanorts obsession with X or "Chi" which is a piece of the connection between Luxu and Master Xehanort IMO. All im saying is that like the number 13, when you see an X in somebodies name in KH, you know there has to be something else behind it, simply because of course Nomura is an Omnipotent Being when it comes to making seemingly unimportant details, absolutely game breaking.
  2. Simply for Isa X Lea Keyblade Showdown, hmm Isa's not gonna have his awesome Claymores either, this sucks.
  3. I have faith that when the final battle comes Terra will end up on the correct side, i feel the 7 Guardians will be Riku, Sora, Kairi, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and Mickey. Then the last 2 could maybe be Donald and Goofy idk, I really dont want them there tho, or Lea and Roxas. However while i like Roxas i kinda got the impression that he's accepted his position within Sora, from DDD when Sora told him that he deserves to be his own person, Roxas says "No, it has to be you" and Xion is in the same situation if not worse, with her just being data from Sora. But i could be entirely wrong, weirder things have happened
  4. yea this is wat i was thinking, i mean it only makes sense, its also possible that the MoM either passed down his keyblade to Luxu and set all of Xehanorts events into motion, or he is passing through time by body hoping to make sure the future in the Tomes is realized
  5. ye seeing as KH games and other story related pieces tend to creates approximately 3 new questions for every 1 answered this was the most straight forward story yet
  6. Ye Boku No Hero is worth it, and Seven Deadly Sins is a good battle series
  7. I thought i was the only one that never understood why Lea got a keyblade, now that i think about it tho, theyre just setting up a Keyblade fight between him and Isa.
  8. I ASK MYSELF THE SAME QUESTION. Its like do ppl just disregard this part of blank points, tons of ppl saying Terra wont be a guardian because he will be permanently taken by Xehanort, I just find that ridiculous, Terra will find his way back to the light just like Riku did.
  9. The cult comparison is pretty accurate lol Yea i guess power in the end is a good enough reason to some, thats Terra's reasoning for all the dumbass crap he did in BBS even tho hes my fav out of the trio
  10. So im replaying BBS in II.5 and I've been thinking why does Braig just go along with Xehanort after he set him up as "Collateral Damage" against Terra( :cool: ). He says its to get his hands on a keyblade but no one has asked what he intends to do with one, once he has it. He has essentially givin up his free will, just for a keyblade. Anybody else find this intriguing.
  11. I missed this site T^T

  12. the only thing i care about is.................WAT ABOUT ATLUS
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