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  1. actually Sora has Ven's, Roxas' and Xion's heart inside him. Personally I think only Ventus will come back in KH3 so there are still other two hearts to do the dual wielding trick. However even if all these 3 people come back and Sora only stays with just his own heart I believe Nomura can come up with something to allow dual wielding keyblades, for example I once invented a theory in a topic about how Sora could use two keyblades by connecting his heart with the heart of his friends (like Riku) thus borrowing from them the power to summon a second keyblade, interestingly I named this mechanics H-Link (Heart-Link) http://kh13.com/forum/topic/99837-an-idea-to-replace-drive-forms-in-kh3/ yeah DF made Sora OP in KH2 also I noticed too the connection between the color and themes of the old DF and the trailers KT, in fact I'm curious to see if future KT will still be related to DF. However just as DF were too strong but weren't necessary to beat the game I hope KH3 gameplay does not make you rely on OP KT to beat bosses, I think that timing and basic keyblade combos is what made KH2 gameplay epic but I fear this two elements could be shadowed in KH3 by the fact you only need few seconds to unlock a KT, basically I fear KH3 could be just a KT spam
  2. Hello Everyone Before I start I want to say that the D23 trailer was Awesome and I like how Sora can now transform his keyblade BUT I also think we are missing something from the past (Drive Forms) In KH2 gameplay we had Reaction Commands, Limits and Drive Forms. Now in KH3 we already know there are no Reaction Commands, as for Limits they have not been shown yet but I think we can assume they're likely going to be in the game, about Drive Forms(DF) Nomura told us they are going to be in KH3 but actually both Guard Form and Power Form turned out to be simple Keyblade Transformation(KT) and this is the reason I decided to make this topic: are Keyblade Transformations going to REPLACE Drive Forms? if the answer is Yes (and I'm afraid it is) I'm not seeing KH3 gameplay as an improvement (in comparison to KH2) Going into more specific detail we can say that KT (as shown in the trailer) don't give the player the same freedom as DF, in KH2 we had the Drive option in the command menu, from that we could decide to use a DF from a list at any time we wanted, as for KT there are 2 per Keyblade and you unlock them by filling an meter by attacking enemies in a short time, if you fill this meter a second time you unlock the 2nd level of a KT (for example Hyper Hammer "evolves" into Drill Punch). Basically KT are an option you need to achieve and not something you can rely on at any moment and this is why I can't see KT as the successor of DF. Also, it appears, you can only use the two KT your Keyblade has (example: no Hyper Hammer if you use Kingdom Key) and you can't have direct access to the 2nd level of a KT immediately, I believe this limitations could be felt during a boss fight Now I'm going to say a personal opinion (but I'm sure I'm not alone) about why KT shouldn't replace DF: Swords are the most iconic and best weapons in videogames and KH is mainly a sword(key-sword actually) game and that's how it should remain, now what's better than a sword? TWO SWORDS! that's why I think we all love DF. Now I'm not saying KT are bad but personally I think using a bazooka or a giant hammer simply isn't as epic as comboing an enemy with Valor or Final Form (best DF imo). Also I hope in KH3 using the Keyblade as a sword won't be a tiny 10 sec interval between KT that said Nomura told us the gameplay is still in development so I really hope he decides to add Drive Forms eventually (after all Focus Gauge being used only for Shotlock is quite lame). So let me know what you think , do you feel Keyblade Transformation are the righteous successor of Drive Forms? or do you want dual wielding Drive Forms in KH3 too? also sorry for possible bad english
  3. let's hope this, otherwise let's hope for KH3 to answer all of our questions
  4. Hello Everyone I decided to make this topic since I remember some months ago there was a rumor about KH2.8 having DLC here's what I think:
  5. Actually Kingdom Key D is not what has always been behind DY door, we already know that normally behind a world's door there's the world's heart (and by analogy with people's hearts this heart should be a very big sphere of light) Also Kingdom Key D is the keyblade of the dark realm and has always been located in the RoD, if DY never plunged into darkness it would have still been in the RoD I believe what Mickey meant in 0.2 is that since the Kingdom Key has appeared in DY (don't know how he knows this...) it makes sense if the Kingdom Key D is there too, from the moment DY plunged in the RoD, basically Kingdom Key D positioned itself in the same place his light counterpart appeared
  6. Honestly I don't think we'll ever see an original KH character that comes from a Disney world (and this is good imo), those 4 guys more probably come from Radiant Garden, Twilight Town or a brand new original KH world we'll see in KH3
  7. Honestly I don't get why people hate Bbs (and DDD) story. It was meant to tell us the events that lead to Sora's adventure and it did this good, I really liked the characters and their stories, I don't care if the villains managed to manipulate them. In my opinion BbS is the most exciting and emotional KH, why? because of plot-twists and Aqua'story
  8. Guys, 0.2 can be viewed as a flashback told by Mickey in mysterious tower after DDD so I think that it is possible that after Mickey finishes to tell his adventure Yen Sid sends Sora and Riku to rescue Aqua
  9. Hello everyone, so just as the title says, do you think Aqua will be saved at the end of 0.2? I think it is quite possible since we have already seen Yen Sid telling Riku and Kairi that they must rescue TAV trio, so I believe that in the ending of 0.2 we'll see the sequel of blank points with Sora and Riku opening someway a door to the light so that Aqua and Ansem can escape the realm of darkness What's your opinion?
  10. I believe 0.2 will have a secret ending (that you have to unlock someway) regarding the beginning of KH3. If they're going to put a spoiler secret ending like KH2FM I'll hate it
  11. I love swords so I had to choose it in the first playtroughs of KH and I don't really like magic and I consider using it cheating so I gave up the staff
  12. I think I'm going to watch Back Cover first, since it's a spin off, and then play 0.2, which is a sequel to the original story of KH, and DDD at the end since I already know the story. However if it happens (and I hope it'll happen) that Nomura says there's a "best order" to play the game I'm going to follow his instructions to decide what to see first between 0.2 and Back Cover
  13. Yeah I know, but then what is Ava referring to in that scene? also she seems quite angry
  14. It doesn't have a different color scheme Dream Eaters so don't think we can call it a FM version of DDD, it's just an HD remix but I hope that it's gonna have secret bosses and another secret ending that would be amazing!
  15. Hi Guys, So there's this quote from the last AMAZING trailer of KH2.8 that makes me firmly thinking that Invi is the Traitor We are in Daybreak Town and we see Ava speaking with Invi and Ava says (with a bit of anger): "didn't you think for a second that your actions could be making things worse than they already are?" for me this quote makes it clear that Invi is the Traitor but she isn't a bad person, I believe she became a Traitor to try avoiding the Keyblade War however in the end her actions only contributed to make it happen and that's why Ava said this sentence when she discovered the truth, she knows Invi acted with good intentions. To support this there's also a theory of mine which focuses on the animal symbolism, here's the thoery: All the games speaking about the event regarding the Keyblade War contain, in their title, the infamous greek letter X (CHI), you might think this is just a reference to the X-blade but maybe there's more. It happens that this three letters (CHI) also are the first letters of the name Chimera, which is a monster in the greek mythology that is basically the "fusion" of a lion a goat and a snake and we all know that the first two animals refer to the MoM and Luxu while the snake refers to Invi and all of this might mean that these three people are allied someway, thus making Invi the Traitor. So is Invi really the traitor or is it just me going too far from a single quote? What are your thoughts guys?
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