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  1. So I haven’t posted here in quite some time. I did take a break from Music for about a year but I am back and I decided to make a new arrangement! So here is my latest work! I really loved what Yoko did for Yozora’s theme and i thought i could blend it well with Dearly Beloved as well as Somnus from FFVersus13/15. I thought the Parallels in each theme would make a good mix. https://youtu.be/oGUqLzcFjqI
  2. Yes, actually I'm working with a game company called Rum Runner Entertainment. Our goal is to release two games we're working on sometime next year. there's a pirate game, and a cartoony game about a pig character. So, I'm trying my hand in the field of games right now. Just on the side, because i only get paid through revenue right now. Unfortunately, I'm also bound by a contracting stating that I cannot post the music I made for them anywhere online until the game releases.
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage belongs to Square Enix and Disney I love KH boss music. Battle music was the first type of music I started out with. I've always been fond of percussion as well, as the snare drum was the first instrument I ever learned, and I really liked how Shimomura uses it to her music's advantage when writing these orchestrations. The battle music can sound totally different with the percussion removed. This is a newer version of "Light's Triumph" which when I wrote it a few years back, I had always imagined it would fit as a sort of mini boss theme kinda like Rowdy Rumble in KH2. After seeing this new AMAZING trailer, I thought this could fit as a Toy Story specific boss theme. Especially in the Galaxy Toys area
  4. I didn't rely on any midi I found online to make this. I actually learned the piano parts by sheet music and the rest was by ear. It wasn't hard to figure out the patterns of the percussion and cellos and organ and what not. Not %100 the same as Shimommura's Version but that's because I tried to put my own twist on it. I added some more instruments like the piccolo and trumpets. I tried to also mix things I liked both about the original and the 2.5 Version of this piece. ENjoy!! ~~
  5. TIMPANI SNARE DRUM CRASH CYMBAL SUS CYMBAL VIOLIN SECTION VIOLA SECTION CELLO SECTION BASS SECTION ALTO FLUTE ENGLISH HORN OBOE CLARINET BASSON 2 TRUMPETS 2 TROMBONES 1 FRENCH HORN 1 TUBA I added to the flow of the song, trying to have a more dynamic approach. I like the contrast between the first half and the second have of the loop. Slowly dies down from the bombastic orchestra to focus of the woodwinds and solo violin.
  6. A more classical and symphonic version of my "Keyblade Master" theme for Kingdom Hearts 3. I wanted to add more gravity to the piece. Less of a midi sound and more real of a sound like from 1.5 + 2.5. I also borrowed themes from my other KH pieces, like xehanorts theme and incorporated it into this new piece. Enjoy! If you're a fan of my compositions and arrangements, then please give a thumbs up and subscribe on YT for more!
  7. I spent the last week working on y own rendition of "Dearly Beloved" for a fan-made KH3 soundtrack. I changed up some chords, added new melodies. I tied in some themes from other works of mine for my KH3 soundtrack. I tried to give the opening a darker feel to it then the previous versions. Composed by Yoko Shimomura Arranged by Mark Messer (me)
  8. I've been going through some rather hard times right now. I've been quite depressed. I feel alone in the darkness without a light to guide me. As if my life is going nowhere and I have no purpose. I wish I had a purpose like Sora... I wrote this piece called "The Key to Return Hearts". It has a double meaning. It represents my suffering, along with those who have suffered in the KH series. Such as, Xion, Aqua, Roxas, Ventas, Terra. It also represents Sora's destiny to save them. Can he also save me? Can my heart be returned? Please enjoy. Music Composed by Mark Messer (me)
  9. Honestly it ranges from a few hours to a couple days. The longest I spent on a song was a month I think. It was a full blown orchestral composition though not like these looped tracks.
  10. Got it! I'd be happy to work with you! I could make you some themes, pm me with details if you like.
  11. I've been composing music for a solid 7 years now. My music is greatly inspired by Yoko Shimomura herself. Ever since I played the original KH at 7 years old, I was hooked. The story was was very intriguing to me, and the beautiful has always stuck with me. I love how Yoko can write even just simple themes that stick with you. She writes melodies that you'll never forget. Something you can hum to yourself without even thinking about it. I strive to make rememberable themes too. If anyone on this site is looking for music for a game your developing or know some one who is, give me shout. I'd be happy to write some stuff. I'm looking for some more recognition. To give some examples of the kind of music I do, here's my KH3 mock soundtrack and some extra tracks.
  12. I think just the fact that square said they would be releasing a KH game each year says enough. Kh3 really should be the next game after 2.8, so considering 2.8 is a 2016 release, then KH3 should release in 2017.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely consider that!
  14. Music and words composed by me Artwork is by ROSEL-D on Deviantart LYRICS: Can you find the light inside my past, guarded by the never ending night. Don’t say goodbye, please stay and fight with me, we can push the darkness away. And if we fall today and fade away, just remember that you helped redeem my faith. Don’t be afraid to fight, you’re with me now. Hold me tight, we will see how. Don’t walk away, I need you today. Can you see the way out of the storm? Don’t be blinded by the darkness in your heart. We must stay strong for they are gone today, never to return again. Don’t be afraid to fight, you’re with me now. Hold me tight, we will see how. Don’t walk away, I need you today. Don’t go. Don’t go today.
  15. A new boss theme I wrote for my KH3 mock soundtrack. There was an older version of it but since then I've done some more work on it and made the strings sound a bit more realistic. I tried to really hit the KH music style with this one with there being several melodic parts in the loop that stand out during a battle sequence. Enjoy!
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