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  1. I believe Kingdom Hearts 3 will end with the death of all 7 Guardians of Light... ...Okay well maybe not "dead" dead, but here me out... There has been a lot of chatter that the 5 "Lost Masters" are actually: [it is believed these are the lost masters due to color scheme comparison, height equivalents, and the use of the same voice actors, I would recommend looking into this more yourself if your skeptical (Rebirth Theory w/ Pics = http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-iii/194630-rebirth.html and GamersJoint voice comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rGI_Yzr2cI ] Aqua = Anguis Ventus = Leopardos Riku = Unicornis Terra = Ursus Kairi = Vulpeus ...with the sixth lost master being missing It is also believed that the missing final page in the Book of Prophecies is also the page that states that darkness will triumph over light... Now here's where my theory begins, what if the Book of Prophecies was written by "people" from the future in order to try to prevent the outcome these "people" had faced (darkness defeating light)? So as to say, the Book of Prophecies is actually less of a prophecy written by the foretellers, but more of a recollection of past events the foretellers/"lost masters" actually experienced? This would mean that the "people" who wrote the Book of Prophecies only knew what happened up to the point of darkness defeating light, NOT what happened afterwards. I emphasize this because it seems as though the Book of Prophecies is incomplete and limited (the prophecy ends at a point that I can't possibly see as being the ending) and I think that's because its not the ending, but rather, just as far as the "lost masters" were able to make it before getting sent back in time! (Maybe through the power of finally achieving Kingdom Hearts) Now I want to quickly focus on the term "LOST masters". What makes the masters "LOST" and if the Lost Masters are the Foretellers, why are the Foretellers LOST??? I believe its because after the great war/clash between the 13 SoD and 7 GoL, 6 keyblade masters in the fight disappeared, not to a new location, but to a different time. So what if, at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, Xehanort had finally captured Kingdom Hearts and the world fell to darkness, but as this happened, somehow Aqua, Ventus, Terra, Riku, and Kairi were sent back in time (along with the other unknown master) and became the foretellers. [Here's where the theory becomes a bit difficult to explain since we dont know who the GoL or the missing foreteller is, soooo from this point it's more random speculation than a theory backed by context clues] The crazy thing here is that Mickey, Axel/Lea, Sora, and Xehanort (not accounting for Vanitas, as I believe he may be defeated prior to this point) are all unaccounted for. I speculate that it could be possible that Mickey, Axel/Lea, and Sora are presumed dead by Xehanort, who finally achieves Kingdom Hearts. I speculate Sora and Axel/Lea "die" first. Then Mickey, in a last ditch effort, somehow manages to send Aqua, Ventus, Riku, Terra, and Kairi to the past to prevent the future, and "dies" doing so. Thinking they are all dead, and knowing the 5 were sent into the past, Xehanort goes into the past as the 6th/final foreteller(lost master) to steal the page from the foretellers as an attempt to prevent the world from knowing the truth that the events in the Book of Prophecies would lead to Xehanort's victory (so as to prevent anyone that were to read the full Book of Prophecies from ruining his plans). This would allow him to orchestrate a long drawn out plan manipulating even his younger self into following in his footsteps by mentoring Young Eraquas and Young Xehanort as his pupils. He would then use his ability to time travel to points in which he existed to return to the battlefield at the end of the game to finally sit on his throne ruling over the darkness in the world. However, I believe Axel/Lea will have died shielding Sora again (but this time he dies for real), and Mickey isn't dead but seriously injured and can't move. This would leave Sora and Xehanort to battle it out for one final showdown after the annihilation of the entire crew, the Book of Prophecies to have been fulfilled and for the Xehanort saga to be entirely tied up of loose ends. This would also account for Sora continuing on in his journey in the next installations of the game as the main character (as Nomura had stated would be the case) and would leave Kingdom Hearts X as more of a "side story" with the final page within the book of prophecies to actually be fully canon (which is what Nomura had stated would be the case of Kingdom Hearts X in relation to KH3). I also recall Hashimoto or Nomura, earlier in KH3's development, saying that they planned to make the ending sad, but Disney told them it was too sad and that they wanted a happier ending. And I believe this ending is sad enough for Disney to speculate it. OKAY SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Do you guys think this is plausible? Do you think this makes a lot of sense but maybe a little different? (such as Axel/Lea actually being the 6th Lost Master, but is Killed by Xehanort and framed as a rebellious lost master?) (Or even the 6 Lost Masters are the 7 Guardians of Light minus Sora?) Am I missing anything such as the use of the X-blade in KH3? Is there anything you'd add or subtract from this theory? Please let me know!! ^_^
  2. I STLL BELIEVE!! Winter 2016 forevaaaaaaa!!!
  3. In kingdom hearts 2, there are some pieces of trophy looking objects on the ground... They seem to resemble the chess pieces in a strong way, especially with Vanitas's symbol on one of them... Connection maybe?
  4. considering sora's the one closing doors and xehanort is with the people opening them, I wouldn't be surprised lol They just wanna explore!
  5. Zephyr says its not real, but he may just have been told by Square not to release the information or he could lose out on there direct line to information from them, but him saying it's fake should be considered because I doubt he would lie, I just wonder why he said it was fake and not, it wasn't at the 2.5 launch event and there's other ways like through email to get ahold of him, I contacted him through twitter Nonetheless, if this is real or fake, I have a strong belief based off of a lot of similar releases for KH titles that it will be released in December of 2016, but then again, this is a much bigger and elaborate game than any before in this series and we don't know exactly how long it's been in production, so anything could happen, but I do strongly believe in a December 2016 release date and it appears others (the one's who faked this video pretty strongly, if they faked it) also believe this date to be highly likely.
  6. well I got what I needed to confirm a viable release date and I gave you what I know, so believe it if you want, but if you want more of a clarification, maybe go show Zephyr of KH Insider (that attended the event) this leaked footage and maybe he will give you some confirmation and if anyone does get confirmation from Zephyr, please send me a message with what he says
  7. obviously, that's the official square enix release of the event, proving the video (filmed by a shit camera, probably phone camera based off of the distortion of the audio file) had occurred at a REAL event
  8. Maybe excitement for Japanese, so theyre more likely to attend there conference at TGS or D23. But most likely because they reveal release dates for KH titles within a year of the actual release date, so as to retain enough(maximum) "hype" for the release. (a good example of a company failing to do this properly and upsetting all of their consumer was none other than... Rockstar, lulz)
  9. I've also pieced together tons of information on when release dates were revealed in relation to the actual release date and when and where the information will come from. Theres three main events D23 in November and E3 that just occurred that everyone knows of, but surprisingly no one is talking about the biggest event that's upcoming for Square Enix, the whole reason FFXV wasn't even showed at E3. The TGS 2015 in September! September 18th to 22nd, the same event KH2 was first revealed at and where FFXV will be revealed. I have tons more information on this that relates to all release dates and common patterns Square Enix follows with these 3 events in order to maximize publicity without angering fans too much. But I can't copy and paste here on these darned forums... so long story short they always release a game within a year of revealing the release date publicly. They have this entire setup planned and because of this plan, they don't miss their release dates when publicly announced. My speculations based off of pattern analysis of previous action taken by Square Enix on the KH titles concludes this. The game will be released on one of the months most likely: Japan: December 2015 (at the earliest but most likely not), March 2016(most likely), September 2016 (very likely), December 2016 (Latest, not likely) USA: March 2016 (at the earliest), September 2016 (very likely), December 2016 (most likely), March 2017 (Latest, not likely) P.S. I made this before ever finding out about the Winter 2016 secret leak I found here, that's why I was so surprised and eager to share this information by making an account on this website I've never been to before lol
  10. Okay, sooooo... I made an account just now for the sole purpose of connecting this information that a lot of you surprisingly do not have, this is probably because I live in California so I knew much more about this event. This screen that is being recorded is even in this video I'm about to show you. This was from the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Launch Event at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, I actually tried getting a ticket, but was to busy at the time to bother entering the raffle, which I now REALLY wish I had! Anyways, the screen used in this video I'm about to show looks and sounds exactly like the one from the leaked footage, and there's even a part that shows this happening and then crops the leaked footage out, so I assure you 100% real...Can I get a thumbs up?? www.youtube.com/watch?v=COhm49mTluQ You're Welcome ^_^
  11. Okay so this video is real and I can prove it! Can someone explain to me how to upload a video on here lulz?
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