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  1. SorrowSurvivor

    Memory of Namine

    A simple picture I made!
  2. I drew a picture of Namine! I'm happy with how it came out though I still want to get so much better! I can't help but feel bad for Namine. I wonder how she'll be involved in the next game. http://soulscore.deviantart.com/art/Memory-of-Namine-648825442
  3. Not the way it is in BBS. Maybe if it wasn't full body armor and was kind of like Sora's KH2 outfit with just pieces of armor I think that would look better. It wouldn't really bother me too much if it's included the way we see it in BBS but I think all the characters look cooler without it. Gliders are fun though. It doesn't have to be used just for travelling between worlds.
  4. While he was running towards them and when he attacked he would see general things like hair color, skin color, and maybe their faces. Plus their new outfits are pretty similar and Mercury immediately recognized Qrow. I'm not saying that Qrow should have definitely remembered and recognized them but that Cinder's confidence that "they have no idea who we are" was weird since in the heat of that moment she can't say for sure how much Qrow saw.
  5. Yeah, I thought of that too. Even though I'm not into super hero stuff, Storm from X-Men immediately came to mind as well.
  6. I agree with that. Amber travelling alone isn't so bad but it's super awkward that Qrow was somehow informed enough to know where she is, that she's in danger and was close enough to stop Cinder before Amber completely died but wasn't close enough to reach there during the fight. It's hard to say if Amber even knows Ozpin's brotherhood but Qrow should've been a lot closer to Amber since he clearly was keeping track of her. I was really surprised Qrow was even involved in this given that when Mercury spoke of Qrow, Cinder said "they have no idea who we are". Sure, Emerald or Cinder cast some illusion or something at the end but Qrow still managed to get close enough before they noticed him and would have seen their general traits.
  7. Something to keep in mind is that Amber has probably been attacked plenty of times before because of her power. She was nice enough to stop for a crying child but real quick to pull out her weapon the moment she noticed something strange (instead of standing there looking cute and confused). Amber's probably at the point where she knows she'll have to cut down people who want her power to keep the world safe. It was silly of Amber to not try to escape while she still had the strength to, especially when more opponents kept popping out of nowhere and weren't intimidated by her power, but finishing Cinder's group off while she's on her last leg isn't a bad choice. They were strong enough to injure her that much and would very likely sneak attack her again (maybe with even greater numbers) if she let them live.
  8. Not really but Qrow said earlier (EP3) that the infiltrator was the one responsible for Autumn's condition. He could be wrong considering no one knows what they look like but it's most likely Cinder as she's the biggest female bad guy we know. It would be interesting if someone else had the half-Maiden powers but Cinder really needs more going for her at this point. I'm interested to see how Cinder is going to follow up the whole Mercury attack to cause more negativity in the Audience. Cinder will probably have Penny go nuts on her opponent or just attacking all the finalist while revealing that she is an Atlesian robot.
  9. SorrowSurvivor

    Random Trio

    That's incredibly cute! Love the design of Kairi's grandmother. Nice work!
  10. That's probably it. At least it's good exposure for RWBY as well. I haven't played FF7 but I know Yang should get smoked. I don't really watch Death Battles but I'm sure they'll buff Yang and/or nerf Tifa just to show an interesting battle. Yang winning should be out of the question but I guess it depends if the want to stir up drama for views.
  11. I'd be disappointed if she did win. I think it's too early for any RWBY characters to be in Death Battle since there isn't enough information on the characters full potential/limits. Unless they want a huge backlash from FF fans, I can't see them letting Yang win. That said, I'm glad it's Tifa she's fighting and hope Yang goes down in style (unlike she did against Neo).
  12. n^(n-1) = number of playable characters where n is the number of the main game. KHI: 1^(1-1) = 1^0 = 1 playable character KHII: 2^(2-1) = 2^1 = 2 playable characters KHIII: 3^(3-1) = 3^2 = 9 playable characters I'd be fine with that as long as Sora gets more time than the others.
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